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  1. Man, I do not agree with the hard mode patch one bit. Three weeks in was too early to bump up the rewards, and the way they implemented it was asinine. So I can now play Crucible for up to 400 drops, but the normal raid drops (incl. exotics) are capped at 385? You shitting me Bungo? Normal raid became completely redundant within a month.

    And if one thing should have gone to 400, it was rank up packs. They shat on their longevity, I hit 400 within a week and now I can't be assed. Patrols, court of oryx, queen's bounties, prison of elders, gunsmith... why would I grind these for drops 10 levels below me? So many activities made redundant in one bad decision.

    I had fun with casual play before because I was gradually gearing up my entire arsenal, any exotics/skelly keys were the cherry on top. Playing for these low drop rate cherries and no cake is not fun. Throw in FotL being a thinly veiled microtransaction cash grab and my mood with this game has soured to say the least.
  2. Ha, me too man. I've gone flawless once since RoI came out, but I got carried hard by two friends who are actually good. And I'm only doing it now for the Titan gloves as well. I've got a good pair of the old gloves, but I've got an ornament waiting for those sweet Titan wings.

    Good to know. I'll probably finish it at some point then. It's on my warlock too, because I planned to have characters who can actually get kills with those elemental abilities beforehand (nearly did Void on my Titan, which would have been a nightmare). Thorn's really good. It's a bit neutered because the range got cut down, but it still does really well. I've done the raid with it a few times and it works surprisingly well.
  3. Hahaha, I suck at Crucible now. idk if it's rustyness or changed meta or what, maybe I'll practice 3v3 sometime since that shiny trials gear is tempting (the hunter cloak and titan gauntlets mainly). For now, if Genesis Chain performs well in PvE that's enough for me. It'll complete my Jury/Dogma/Chain trinity.

    Sweet. I'm just waiting on next arms day because bs timegating =/= good quest design. Honestly the relic farm was fine, and luckily I was on warlock so ability kills just kinda completed themselves en route. How's the Thorn handle? Kinda assuming it's butts now, but I did enjoy the weapon feel in y1.
  4. Just got my Thorn bounty done last night, it dropped on my 36th bounty :P Man though, that void section sucked. I got it on my Titan, so I had to remember how to PvP and somehow get void ability kills. At first I tried shotguns because everyone seems to be doing that, and it was shite, but then I discovered that I'm still an awesome sniper and the rest was smooth sailing. Also I feel like a bad person for using sticky grenades.

    Genesis Chain is pretty good. Not super viable in PvP, but it's basically an automatic scout with lots of ammo in PvE, which is kinda cool. Dark Drinker is awesome for Aksis. I actually haven't got it because I hate relic farming, but several of my raid group use it and they just do silly damage with it. We're basically at the point where we do about 2/3 of his health per damage phase. It's a breeze.
  5. Yeah. It's really showing the difference between shichibukai and yonkou tier.

    Same. Our raid group has a couple of weak links but we're making up for it so far. Honestly, can't decide what I prefer between this and VoG, probably won't make my mind up until I've run the heroic a few times. Hah, my friend plays religiously and he only just had Thorn quest proc today, you'll get it eventually.

    Yeah it sounds like a pain. I'm not too fussed on it, just looking for that Genesis Chain drop. Tell you what exotic I am considering hunting down though... Dark Drinker. Its DPS is apparently unmatched for Aksis phase 2.
  6. Yeah, it's good to see the Strawhats not being totally OP for a while. The best arcs were always the ones where they get whooped.

    I wasn't expecting to get back into Destiny, but RoI is so good. I love the raid, it's easily the best since VoG, and I've got a great group to run it with. I'm mostly just trying to get Thorn though at the moment, I've done 34 Iron bounties and still haven't got the stupid quest.

    Outbreak Prime is pretty good, though it was a giant pain in the ass to get. I did the Raid like 5 times that day. Worth it though, it's amazing in PvE and holds up pretty well in PvP.
  7. Oh yeah CP9 was the pinnacle of OP, that won't be topped, but this arc's been great so far. Probably the best reading since the timeskip. Right now Big Mom totally seems out of the strawhats' league.

    I had a little stalk on bungo.net and I see you've been on WotM, our LLs look approx the same. What did you think of the raid? I see you got your filthy mitts on that exotic pulse too, you sonofagun.
  8. Awesome. I figured it was nearly there, since this is basically Sanji's version of the CP9 arc (not that I'm expecting it to be that good) and the whole thing is getting vaguely serious again.
  9. One Piece got good again.
  10. This was pretty funny. One Piece hasn't made me laugh in forever.
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