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  1. Just wondering,do u think that Godspeed or oblivion works better in the cod mu? I'm going to download aerith. Was wondering if u wanted to play again soon. I'm quite rusty,but trying to get back in the groove.
  2. Fine .
  3. i said that he was doing it way back then...had nothing to do with him starting it...i literally said in the post that i knew of people doing it forever ago...so why the fuck would you say that cloud 7 invented it if u did it back in 2011 jack ass? and as far as the seph ex mu? i loose interest fast when i play in crazy lag...such as br lag...and if u know anything about the mu...u realize how long and drawn out that mu is and boring as fuck...i stopped giving a fuck five seconds into the match..same as i did when i played your cod as infiltrator...I could care a less about playing anyone with a shit connection ...get the fuck off my page dude
  4. You really want to discuss who invented what? I used Maelstrom+PP in 2011. It was Round 1 of a ladder tournament against RDF's WoL. I had a BttW build with 5k starting BRV + Behemoth summon so I could 1HKO him. So don't pretend that was some bright idea by your friend Dart.

    And since you like to suck up to him so much, why don't you go practice some Seph vs ED with him? Cuz when you played this MU with VII you had absolutely no idea what to do.
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