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Conversation Between TKG09 and Kraid

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know I deleted your last post. Just, don't go there. You should know exactly what that would mean.
  2. Okay.

    I'll keep the non-serious stuff to the spambin.
  3. You're slipping back into your old self. I'd stop while you're ahead.
  4. Already been suggested by myself and Rebellion.
  5. You should make a Kraid's Tier List of Kraid's Tier Lists
  6. The Kuja Ultima business is pretty old also. Any lasting attack like that is known about. Instead of being a total prat and sending me an insulting visitor message, maybe you should stop your typing for a moment and wonder if there was a reason I deleted the thread in the first place instead of auto-assuming "OH, KRAID NOT READ THIS BECAUSE IT INVOLVES ULTIMA STAYING IN PLACE." =/
  7. so... are you willing to unban me from IRC anytime this year?
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