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Conversation Between Draec Khin and Kuroraikiri

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Conversation Between Draec Khin and Kuroraikiri

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  1. I'm still at the part you used the Festivo Theme in the last set <3

    Good stuff though, man. Pleasure working for the replay and TO team as much as I have.
  2. Man I have to say that I ran into that video by complete accident a long time ago and when I saw it I was like that is a meme in the making. What I just saw cannot be unseen. That convenient "green" screen though. Hmmmmm. Please stand by.
  3. Also...it's the "Kurp Flowchart" in one video :T
  4. Have you not seen this video?

    As ridiculous as it is, I use it as my ringtone and motivation to do anything that needs to be done during my day-to-day. Plus the random times your sitting in public transportation it just blerts out at the best times :>
  5. So Shia Labeouf?

  6. I was gonna start making predictions there if you know what I mean. Well it does read very convincing that is after a careful look at the bracket so I don't blame EVA for taking it serious.
  7. Yeah was hoping the reactions were gonna be on the thread itself and not the Skype group because man I'll just say EVA took the bait even when he knew these guys were Alts. I felt horrible for him taking it seriously but couldnt stop laughing. Tears, strained cheekbones. Joyful pain.
  8. Looked like a legit bracket to me. LOL. Missing some other notable persons. We be trollin.
  9. Did we troll right? D:
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