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Conversation Between ShineThatLight and Strider

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  1. Every user name you have has light in it...no wonder WoL yells "shine!" when he attacks >.>

    And sorry about yesterday, my cousin was on my account when you sent the invite.
  2. I lost access to my old PSN
    I'm on illuminate_00
  3. Still haven't gotten your two free games from psn yet? O.o
  4. Sort of alive ahha
    Just been hanging out.
  5. Shine! Are you still alive? >w<
    Where are you?
  6. Aha well we shall have to play a bit then :3 I'm looking forward to it.. hopefully the PSN is up soon ;_;
  7. Didn't notice your reply. /)_-
    Expect a challenge in SSF4 before I sell it. ^^U
    When PSN is back online. T^T
  8. Oh yea, been meaning to ask you...who do you main in SSF4? I see you playing that game more then anything lately. ^^U
  9. It'll have to fer sure[:
  10. Prishe mirror match...it's gotta happen Shine. >.>
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