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  1. Actually you did...I don't want to quote your post, but it was clearly directed at me, for being butthurt, at FE being censored. Besides...that's not an excuse, to say you were joking with Cor', but attacking/replying me back in a serious manner. So what can I deduct from this? That the staff is allowed to say whatever the heck they want, but me as a nobody user, should keep my pie shut?

    There's absolutely no excuse for whatever the hour you posted...the moment you asked me to be on-topic, is the moment you should've looked if you were on-topic. Also...please enlighten me how Forseti's screenshot of googling "thus castles" (or whatever) was relevant to the thread.

    I didn't spam anything, heck, I actually tried TO END, the censorship debate once and for all, but others kept that subject alive. Once again...are they allowed to speak their mind, and me not? If yes, I'm fucking done with this forum.
  2. You have to understand Shiro, I don't have a problem with you. I think you've been an awesome member for years and on multiple occasions I have defended you in front of the staff as other members and remember I'm the one who made a huge deal about asking you to come back and continue your awesome "who would win" threads.

    I like having you as a member of this forum, but you need to get thicker skin. Not every comment that seems like it could possibly be related to you is meant to be a personal insult. Nor is every action the staff takes. I can't speak for all of us, but I just like threads that don't get derailed on the first page, and if anyone else had done what you did I would have deleted it and left my message to stay on topic in exactly the same way.

    The only reason I posted on your profile was because you b frustrated me and I want to fix that. I do apologize for getting so angry at you though, that wasn't called for.
  3. I kept Forseti's comment because it's actually relevant to the topic. I didn't even notice that she mentioned you by name.

    And you have to understand Shiro, I'm pissed off right now because directly asking you to stop didn't do anything. We had your two threads on the subject, and the second one even had quite a good discussion on it. I get it, you don't like censorship. I have no problem with that, and I don't have a right to, it's your opinion.

    What I have a problem with is people continuing to spam in threads where I and the original poster have called people to be on topic.
  4. No Shiro, I didn't make an attack against you or anyone else and that's exactly what I'm trying to say. You act like every little comment is meant to hurt you personally, and it's really frustrating because you always respond to that stuff.

    I made that post at about 3 in the morning my time because I knew Cor would find it funny and I was fully intending on participating in the thread properly when I got the game.

    It had nothing to do with you, I did not think of you as I was saying it, nor did I intend to insult you or anyone else. It was a clearly farcical comment.
  5. Part 2:

    Yes it does though...the fact that power is in your hands, and you deleting whatever isn't to your liking shows enough of what I said. Besides...I didn't bloody hell started the censorship debate...Forseti felt the need to say that it was obvious from my thread, that only her and Cor' will play the game...when it was pretty obvious that she was ridiculing me, because of my beliefs.

    Fun fact: If she didn't mention my name, I wouldn't even posted in that thread...no matter if she was glorifying censorship, or was against it.
  6. Get the fuck over myself? Is that how a staff member should talk with it's community members? It doesn't change the fact that YOU attacked ME, telling me to be on-topic, when just about 2 posts before you, you were making jokes about me (and probably others) being against the censorship in FE: Fates. Did I derail the thread? Probably yes...did YOU contribute to it? For sure. If you were so against off-topic, you would've deleted Forseti's 1st post right away, because you knew that was a bait...and even though myself knew was a bait, I still decided to bite it, and confront her straight one.
  7. Hell, you need to learn to brush off the stuff that is directed at you. That's why Kraid got so pissed off about you constantly mentioning when you've been negged.
  8. You seriously have to stop acting like every bit of sarcasm on the forum is directed at you.
  9. Oh get the fuck over yourself Shiro. I made a god damn joke and you took something that wasn't directed at or even remotely about you as an insult. Then instead of sticking to the fucking thread like I said twice, or the original poster asked you to do, you continued your bloody unnecessary, derailing shit.

    I deleted all the irrelevant posts because I'm tired of threads getting immediately fucking derailed and people continuing to post absolutely completely off topic shit after I've said not too.

    It has bloody nothing to do with the power going to my head Shiro. I'm just tired of you bringing up the same damn conversing that we've all bloody grown tired of. You had two bloody threads! What makes you think you need to keep spamming up other threads about it?
  10. Why thank you. It's an old avatar I used to sport it, when I 1st joined this forum. And yes, I actually have a folder with all my avatars/signatures, that I used on various forums. I kinda wanted to go back to my "roots" if any of that makes any sense.

    Anyway, the avatar, is from my all time favorite anime Clannad*. Dunno if it's your type though...it's a romance/drama anime...not action.


    In case you wanna see a lil synopsis of what is about.

    *It's actually from S2 of Clannad, to be more precise. S2 is my favorite. I like both seasons, but S2 is deffo my favore

    =Fanboy'ing over all time favorite anime - Off= lol
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