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Conversation Between Shiro and Kraid

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  1. You had no solid argument. Infact, if you pay attention: I've been defending your ass a lot of the times. You've been putting a lot of assumptions about me saying that I am "lenient on censorship." Very untrue. However you don't grasp any concept of how things work. What is considered appropriate in one culture is very different in another.

    Your 'Solid Argument' is, in short, an actual fallacy. Not only that, it's also an Illusory correlation.

    If you perhaps read my posts you can see that I completely disagree with removing an ending if there was nothing wrong with it in the first place.

    The reasons the thread was closed had nothing to do with anything I stated. It was closed for the same reason the Fire Emblem thread was locked. As I said: Any more talk about this sort of crap where the posts are basically the same over and over, heads will roll.
  2. No need to do that, since all of us stopped replying on threads.

    I have no qualms discussing my differences on my OWN profile.

    In fact, I'd appreciate it if you don't meddle in my business, as long as everything happens on my profile.

    If I did something wrong on the forums, feel free to warn/infract/ban me however much you want. But don't stick your nose on something that's going between me and an user (and possibly 2), in our own profiles.
  3. Shiro: I asked Forseti and Cookies to stop. I would like to ask you to also drop it at this point. I understand that you felt they were attacking you personally, but ultimately this situation is getting more and more out of hand.
  4. If I had seen your set at an earlier time, I'd have also deleted it. Your avatar also had Areola on the avatar which is pretty much as NSFW as a penis or a female Nipple or even a Clitoris. I doubt I'd seen that set before since I usually would remove anything to do with suggestive Pole Dancing or anything with areola in. I know you've had that girl with Pigtails and White clothing, the Clock Girl from another anime and the main girl you have in your profile picture right now as avatars in the past. However you should have known better at least with the areola in the avatar.
  5. In case of something NSFW, the signature/avatar will be deleted pretty much instantly on most respectable forums. Staff do usually give a warning, but usually it's less than an hour on pretty much most forums I go on and that's only if a signature is too big. As I stated already: I saw that you became inactive after I gave you the original message. I'm unsure then when you are returning so I deleted it myself. Again, Forseti had no influence in my decision, only that she had confirmed my decision.
  6. Thing is...I had the very same set once or twice in the past, and you even replied after me on some threads, and didn't had anything against it. Now, suddenly when a certain users complains you immediately delete my set. If what you said would've been true, you would've done the same thing you did now, in the past as well...but you didn't. And that's more then enough for me to see, that Forseti influenced you in taking this decision. But whatever I'll say, you'll probably deny it and tell me it's all in my head...so ok...whatever you say Kraid.

    As for deleting my stuff...I might not be registered on many forums...but usually the staff gives you somewhere between 12 to 24h max, time to change your avatar/signature, if it's either too big, or it's considered NSFW. Oh well...it doesn't matter anymore.
  7. Actually, I didn't even know someone complained about them until after I posted on VM to you. Your previous avatars have never been 'that bad.' I've always allowed 'borderline' NSFW images, but in the case of your last avatar which does show a bit more than normal as well as the sexually suggested way it was, it had to be removed. After which I saw that someone else (Forseti) had mentioned about it and I had to fully agree with her. Understand that NSFW doesn't mean "Not showing private parts/Sex" but means 'Not Safe For Work.' Sexually explicit images can come under that also including pretty much anything that would be classed as 'Ecchi.'

    I was going to give you time also, but you were at that point considered inactive and thus I removed them.
  8. Funny how the previous times when you saw my avatars/signatures didn't thought of them being NSFW, but suddenly when someone complains you agree with said person. And thanks for giving me time, when you already deleted my set.
  9. Shiro, I will ask you to change your avatar and signature. I want to point out that just because it's not showing 'private parts' does not mean the image is SFW. If someone is viewing this forum at work or college and their boss/teacher sees your avatar/signature, it can actually get that person into trouble. Both images are still VERY sexual in their nature and can thus be classed as NSFW.

    I am only asking nicely and I will remove them myself if need be.
  10. Kraid I'm sorry to hear about your uncle :<

    Hope you'll be fine from now onwards as well.
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