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Conversation Between X-Burner21 and Koromaigis

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  1. yea I cant really see him when we try to play.
  2. So, have you played anyone else? Like FFxStrife. Cause, he seems to have the same issue as you.
  3. You ever tried to change your NAT type? From what I'm reading, one does not benefit too much from having it at 3.
    Though, I'm watching a video to see if I can change mine to 3. Not sure yet if I can.
  4. NOPE. I think I can only connect with Nat type 3 users
  5. You're not -NAO- are you?
  6. I cant see you
  7. alright Im there
  8. I'm in Cornelia.
  9. which room you in?
  10. I'm... still reading on google.
    In the lobby already though.
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