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Conversation Between Draec Khin and TheOneWingedAngel

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  1. Were workin on it lol. Im trying to focus on a channel for the Tournament. After that I will work on that page.
  2. JT


    ADD SOME SPICE THERE. AVATAR AND BANNER. And get a more memorable URL for your channel.
  3. I'm just super excited that I won't miss the "glory days" of this tittle like I did ddff lol.Regular tournaments,team wars,ladders, sooooo happy I'll get too be a part of all that. Looking forward too possibly helping out with replay team and TO's in the future as well,it would be an honor. Lol I'm just all around too fuckin hype for this game! It's not fair we have two months till the next announcement LOL.
  4. "100 plus people in a major?!?!?!? AAAAHHHH the hype is toooo fucking real!!!"

    I sure hope so. New blood and some established folks in the scene would sure be nice.
  5. Damnt........D.....R......A.....E.......C......... .!!!!! ....................

  6. I agree...but that's not scar...shes not too classy
  7. Sound of Music clip before the edit was much more classy.
  8. I wouldn't say its luck...I just was paraphrasing what he said...its just too much reward for little effort
  9. Chase and luck is a misconception.
  10. no problem.
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