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  1. Haha I gave up on hacking the vita, too much hassle, still can do pretty much everything with my good ol' psp though. Those hacks were the shit man.
    Ahh man FFXV looks so good, I've only been able to watch other people play it and reviews, can't afford a ps4 atm (or a tv for that matter haha).
    Anyway, good to hear from you again, been a while.
  2. Well, I don't play my Vita much these days. Been trying out different hacks for it. So far, I can run a few emulators and PS1 games, but that's about it. I've pretty much destroyed the game inside out. I only need 1 more trophy to get platinum as well.
  3. Also, have you played FFXV already?
  4. Hey man, yeah still going strong here (read: lurking DF ). Doing good, last two years of studies. How about yourself? Haven't seen you around for a while either haha. By the way I've been trying to pick up my vita again lately with an rpg that's not made for 13 year olds or overly cute jrpg's but I can't find any good games, happen to have any suggestions?
  5. Hey there, jordy. Still alive, I see lol How you been, brohan?
  6. Hehe same for me, busy, busy, busy, except still studying, not working.
  7. Things are going okay. Really busy with work and other things as usual. How about yourself?
  8. No sweat bro, it's not like this forum has top priority in my life either but it's nice to see you still dropping by every now and then. How are things?
  9. Hey Jord. I'm not gone just yet. Seen all the posts by DJVD and you. I didn't know how long I was gone until I got back recently. I apologize for leaving everyone, especially you guys who had faith in me.
  10. Good to hear bro, good to hear.
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