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  1. Okay thanks
  2. Join us at Discord and I can explain it for you.
  3. I dunno how to get it. Or Dissidia on it for that matter.
  4. Do you dislike PPSSPP?
  5. What happen to this set: http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post386568 ?

    I don't see the replays any where in gmail.
  6. Get to the irc. We need to talk.
  7. ".......Someone needs a lesson, it seems."

    I lol'd at this.
  8. ".......Someone needs a lesson, it seems."

  9. We talk in the IRC about mirai Nikki. I can't provide you any link of anime here. If you do so then you getting a infraction. [Same rules applies to moderators]
  10. Warrior of Light is awesome. That is all.
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