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  1. Hehe, only 25 hours? lmao I have 91 hours already logged in. I'm trying to get through the last expert dungeon and it's some real cheese, let me tell you. Anyway, that's good. You get to relax a little for the holidays before the new year. I'm doing....okay I guess. I recently was diagnosed with Diabetes and it's progressed to where it damages my nerves in both legs :/ I have to wait until my results of my blood work come in to know what type I have and get proper medication for it. And it doesn't help that I don't have a job at the moment.
  2. Sup Lumina. Not much. I just finished uni for the year (New Zealand is weird and the school years actually match the years) so I'm working and chilling and stuff. I already have like 23 hours in FFXV :P

    Seems that way. How are you doing?
  3. What's up Cooks? I'll be around the forums when you need me. Seems like you and Kraid are the only active mods here these days.
  4. I always forget about that. Got it in my first ever hard mode cheesing that bastard. Same with the hat and ship.

    It's a very cool gun, but I'm not super into auto rifle style guns, so I mostly use it for the overcharge bounty :P

    Good luck getting one though.
  5. I only need 1 gun from the raid. The Vex Mythoclast.

    I don't care if it's nerfed. I just want it.
  6. I know how you feel man. I haven't got anything but shards and energies in the raid for weeks. I haven't even got all the raid guns yet. I still need corrective measure and praedyth's timepiece.
  7. Good man, congrats on Level 30! Now you're one of the top tiers of Destiny! It seems the game doesn't like me anymore because I haven't gotten a good weapon from anything. It's always Energy or Shards that they give me D:
  8. So Lumina. How's it going?

    I finally got to 30 in Destiny. I've been raiding since the week it opened up and never got the gloves, so IB was awesome :3
  9. Me and Stevie is in our tourney match D:
    We can play 3 for all after that though!
  10. Hey man, if you're still up for it, it's you versus Ultimastrike whenever you get back from work or whatever. Just go to #DFSmashbros on the IRC
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