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Conversation Between Mogstache and Zelphyr

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  1. Good

  2. Yea I'm already on the new forum ^^
    I'll make sure to visit discord soon
  3. check out our discord homie and the new forum................
  4. check out our discord homie and the new forum....
  5. http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post430915

    Tell me if you're interested for a Round 2 :3
  6. Alright I'll try and catch you on IRC tomorrow or Friday.
  7. Humm maybe tomorrow or Friday when my school day is over (5/6PM GMT+1), if not then I should be available all Sunday.
    Also if I'm on the IRC there're more chances that I'm available.
  8. Hey Mog, sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the challenge, I've been quite busy lately. Anyway. When is a good date to do our challenge? I know our time difference is big since I live in the east coast, just let me know.
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