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  1. No probs... Hope I helped =-)
  2. Alright, thanks
  3. Haha I actually just search for the DFF_A hashtag on twitter and visit whatever it's being linked to. I believe the JP equivalent to our website is on 2chan but that is a pain to navigate lol.
  4. Thank you very much, idk how I didn't see this thread
    The list seems very accurate to me, only character's placement I didn't expect being Zidane.

    By any chance could you give me of a Japanese equivalent of our forum? I would love to see what Japan's Dissidia scene looks like! I'll just use Google Translate once I get the forums.
  5. Heyo! It's similar to what Speedwagon posted in this thread. Only minor differences are the characters that are considered S and A tiers. Below that everyone seems to generally agree on their placement. At least this is what I gathered from the JP sites/forums =-)
  6. Where can I find that first Tier List?
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