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  1. Also: good luck tonight, give em a load of dispear!
  2. Yeah I'm curious on how the tourney will turn out tonight. Excited to see the sudden boom in signups towards the deadline.
  3. I try man,lots of new faces. Some Better than others. Quite the learning curve involved in ddff.Hopefully they don't get to discouraged lol.
  4. Haha I thought my broswer was acting up.
    Not much going on here, been trying to do some more dissidia matches but sharing a tv with fou other guys and living at two seperate places during the week (2nd home doesnt even have a ps3) and studies have been making it very difficult. Also most people seem to havd moved to the emulator and I have yet to look into that.
    I've seen you trying to keep the pvp matches going though.
  5. Actually it was a winking face. Lol. How u doing bro.
  6. Hey bruh. Just wondering what kind of smileys/characters you're trying to insert after making a joke. All I'm seeing on my screen is this: �. (In case you can't see this it's a rhombus with a question mark inside).
  7. Eh? Thought it was thursday, we settled for wednesday night, is that alright?
  8. Just a heads up,deadline for round one is Tuesday. Deadline for loser bracket round 1 is the following Monday. So you have until Tuesday for your match with kurp.
  9. Haha no worries, I think you actually took my vm the wrong way. I am not mad or anything, just thought that if you knew about this already, I would invite you to contribute some stuff as well if you feel like it. No offense intended at all bro!

    Also I'll give Sephiroth a try although Seph is actually one of my two mains so I can only use him as an assist for the other one that's why I haven't used him too much.
  10. sorry bro if u took me the wrong way....i was simply stating a fact....my apologies....ill be glad to post a few videos at a later date....seph as an aissidt is definetly the easiest to do the rush cancel combos with ...try it out with the last hit of crossover or bitter end...ull find it pretty easy and enjoyable lol
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