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  1. He'd get absolutely shredded by Wheels again, or anyone from bb....
  2. Waste of time bro. He's a scrub.
  3. Text me brah,got a new phone
  4. 8135973149
  5. The group text got shutdown and I have a different phone.. Wats yur #
  6. Holla
  7. I can finish the tournament but its gonna take some serious flexibility on my end. I still have internet connection at my old place, and still haven't sold the ps3 or psp. GameStop doesn't buy psp s anymore... Tell mugs to check our VM here and let him know I still wanna face him. Gonna need an extension tho, work mon-thurs and don't plan on playing till I'm off work to play at a reasonable time. If this can't be granted cuz of holding shit up then drop me from the tourney
  8. .........aight
  9. I gotta drop out of the tourney... I don't have a wired connection in the new place I moved into this weekend. I planned on selling the ps3 on tuesday for MKX anyway... Sorry bruh it was gonna happen eventually
  10. My brotha Terry
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