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  1. Jumping



    Enjoy the ptsd bruh
  2. #GetWrektInSfV #ZonesABitch #RustyBez #AintBoutShit #HighPrioritySpecialsWontSaveYouInSfV #TooManyFagsFollowYou #HadToTalkShitTo #2/16/16YouGetRekt #HopeYouReady #GiganticAssThrobbingPussy

  3. Fucking broken ass skype notifs
  4. Nigga if u don't answer me on skype.....
  5. Long time no speak JT, been meaning to message ya! Keeping up with the SF5 news?
  6. What up ninja
  7. Cloaked shotgun life son! lmao, you should get into it, the game fucking blows at low levels but it's hella rewarding endgame
  8. destiny lover now huh? what has this world come to. I miss my old buddy zone. Dat real nigga. Knife stabbing dirt tossin fiend,
  9. I remember thatttt yeah. I never played the guy cos he's based in Hawaii (Hawaii to UK lag, no thanks bro) but judging by videos, his Cloud's pretty good. wonder how he's doing...
  10. seen that video he made where he shouted you out, seen that he knew Cecilia and cloud 7 and you and I was like "WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY AND HOW DO I NOT KNOW HIM?????'
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