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  1. No thank you, I'll wait till the Legends models are available. Thanks, though!
  2. I have a model of Linkle if you want it but it's her wii u model. If you have milkshape you can use directx mesh tools to reduce the polygons.
  3. No, I wish I did in Linkle's case.
  4. Do you have a link to 3ds Ryu from Smash Bros and a 3ds model of Linkle.
  5. You left all of her other expression models in (blinking, open mouth, etc.). You'll have to delete those to fix her.
  6. hello man. I rigged Bayonetta 3ds over Ultimecia but for some reason the mouth textures and eye textures are weird. Could you please fix that or tell me how if you have enough time? I'd appreciate it
    link to the ripped models and textures
    Link to the gmo i made
  7. Yes, I'll do Smash3DS Cloud at some point. I'm currently just enjoying some of the new games that're coming out, like Fire Emblem Fates and Hyrule Warriors Legends.
  8. Are you still planning on model swapping in Smash bros Cloud
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