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  1. We moved to using tge emulator to play recently. Some people's psps got busted and there are people who dont own PS3s. The emulator makes playing more convinient and all you need is a decent-ish PC and a controller
  2. Indeed it has been a while. Unfortunately I sold my ps3 a while back and therefore don't have the means to play DDFF anymore. Will definitely be keeping my eye on on arcade edition though, as well as the community which seems quite a bit different than the old days. Hope all is going well
  3. Hey Skyler, long time no see. I see from your posts that you're excited for DFFAE. Do you still have any interest in playing DDFF? We have a quite active community nowadays
  4. When will you be able to play? I'll be on most of the day myself, but I would rather play sometime in the afternoon. We have today and tomorrow to play.

    Please tell me when you'll be on. I'll be on the IRC whenever I can play.
  5. wtf do u mean by "we dont need to get anything done"? anyway, just drop by on IRC when ur ready
  6. We dont need to get anything done. An besides you already kno the answer to dat question. Fridays the deadline so we'll do it on fri at somepoint, probably around 6 or later
  7. skyler we need to get our macht done when will you be availible?
  8. The team aint dead haha. We're just takin a break. I"m sure we'll be back in Full Force once DDFF comes out. Right now we're all occupied with the demo xD
  9. its ur fault the team is dead
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