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  1. Yeah, we've gotten about 5-6 people so far. Small but growing
  2. I guess BR never really had enough players to form its own scene, so we always stood as sideliners on the world community. I think that's what makes me like the idea of having the scene be international.

    Realistically though if you can grow a local scene in your region that is probably the best case scenario. Narolf back in the day really developed the European scene, hosting EU tournaments and pushing for the scene to grow, getting players from the French forums and other stuff. If you can pull off something similar over there that would honestly be amazing.

    Back in the early DFF days there was also a strong scene in the Philippines and another in Singapore. They played matches locally. I don't know what happened to those though, they just kinda vanished.

    The Hamachi group has infinite space now.
  3. Oh I didn't know Tralf was in Asia
  4. I hope you understand that I'm not trying to be distant from you guys, it's just not a great idea for us to join you all, especially with your limited space in the Hamachi group. If we remain seperate then we can build a scene with proper rankings/tournaments that make sense without having to account for massive latency. Stuff like being able to compare the skill level of a North American player with an Australian one is impossible so only competing within a vacuum is more logical.

    If the NBN (National Broadband Network) bill ever gets fully passed and Australia gets better internet, I'll be sure to contact you again.
  5. I'm not complaining. I'm merely stating the reason as to why it would be pointless for us to join the Hamachi group. I humoured some people on the IRC the other day and set up Hamachi and joined your group, played some 3fps matches and then they understood why I never joined.

    I'm already in contact with several players from Asia, including Tralf, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  6. Well I had to deal with a lot of lag back in the day and I didnt complain :v

    I was able to play someone from Japan through Hamachi with lag levels similar to those Im getting with NA (actually faster than with some of NA). But Japan has amazing internet from what I hear and Australia does not.

    If you played with RDF and found the connection to be unbearable then you probably wont be able to play with anyone in this part of the world. But I know of two players in Asia, maybe you could try your connection with them.
  7. Hey TKG,

    I appreciate the reach out but it honestly just isn't feasible for us to play with people outside of Australia. I've been in many online communities in the past and, unless the game has amazing netcode, playing people outside of our country is usually impossible. You can ask RDF or Zappiroth, who have both played me in the past in 3fps games. I'm not kidding, it's that bad.

    Australia's location and bad internet speed just doesn't work for us. We also all run the European version of the game which adds another factor to the equation. I'd love to play with you guys, but Dissidia's netcode is not good enough, especially with the additional latency introduced with Hamachi or Evolve.

    This was a problem on Ad-hoc party back in the day as well. Only some Asian countries were able to play with us in "playable" 20fps games. Kaya attempted to host an Oceanic tournament but it fell through. If this Australian community grows big enough I'll look into hosting one of our own.
  8. Hey, I saw you posting on the PPSSPP thread that you had a group of players over there in Australia.

    Could you get them to join the world community as well? Get them on the Dissidia Forums Community network (pw Dissidia) so that you can play people from other regions as well.
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