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Conversation Between ShineThatLight and SaiRev3

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  1. Shine, you haven't been online since PSN went down. Did you forgot your password or something? :/
  2. Yup. Can't wait to play her.
  3. Cool cool, she's a pretty nice character so far.
  4. Yeeeah... ookaay. We will see. XP I'm planning to main Lightning.
  5. We'll have to see once the game comes out, but so far it will be Golbez then Prishe for my secondary.
  6. Oh, hey. :O I noticed you live in CA. I live in CA too. So, you're going to main Prishe instead of Golbez? :3
  7. If you're still up for it sure. I just went to make lunch and such.
  8. Hey. Do you have time to play Dissidia with me right now? >.> Edit: You logged off. D: Nvm
  9. Ello :]
    Nice meeting you as well
  10. Ah, I found you! Nice meeting ya.
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