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Conversation Between Galadín and TKG09

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Conversation Between Galadín and TKG09

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  1. Hey I'm glad to hear you got yourself some work. You mentioned a few months ago you were having trouble in that front. So I'm happy to see that things turned out fine for you there. More important than this game for sure.
  2. I would love to TKG but unfortunately right now, I cannot commit to anything. Work at the moment isn't leaving me with much spare time. :<
  3. Hey want to provide sigs for the TKG emulator major
  4. And yeah, I don't just surf the internet! XD
  5. Sorry for the late reply, been having a crazy week! Honestly, counting pixels would be a real ass pain, is there no option to isolate the image itself and check its pixel dimensions in the properties menu?

    If that isn't feasible at all, be it through looking at the image as saved on your hard drive or opened in an image program, I would just take a screencap of it and crop the part of the image you want to measure and import that into the likes of GIMP & Photoshop and check the pixel dimensions that way.
  6. Oh I see your new forum title. That's really cool.
  7. Hi Galadín, a have a simple question about doing stuff with images. How do I count pixels on an image? Trying to figure out assist gains by screenshotting the TKG emulator and dividing the length of the filled bar by the length of the full bar

  8. Man, you just found our song. Time to rule this forum with our lag swag!
  9. Hello there, how are things!

    It was a relief to find the TKG emulator, haven't enjoyed Dissidia lag for over a year now; my life was missing something epic! Someday we should show them the bestest lag match in the world where TKG faces Lagadín in a fight to the death by lag.

    Anyways, yes, the community seems to be picking up with there being an alternative way to play, that and daily chat on Skype of course. ;]
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