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  1. Well, I guess it could be for some people. I've played a few hours on someone else's vita and discussed it with a friend (he owns it). It's just that everything seems to be directed at an audience much younger than other FF titles are aimed at. I mean for starters there is no armor and weapons to be found, only jewel things. However there is a shitton of customization possible from the looks of it, but this is done by putting on or multiple things on your head, like chocobo's (I'm serious). Also capturing enemies is a big thing, kinda like catching a pokemon and they can even evolve. Story appearantly is ok(according to my friend and some prior research), I mean it's square enix, so it's not going to be a bad story, but not very intriguing.
    [continued below]
  2. [continued from above]

    So yes, it's a fun game, lots to do, great replay-value because of all the possible customization, it's pretty easy and the story is nice. But it's not really a serious game, it's kinda like a mobile game I guess, fun to play every now and then but I wouldn't spend 4hours a day on it. So if you're often on the bus or in a car and are in the mood a relaxing, cute game, go for it. If you're looking for a game simular to other FF titles, don't buy it. Imo it's on the same level as chocobo tales if you've ever played that.
  3. Beyond the cuteness, is your overall opinion of World of Final Fantasy one of fun & varied content?
  4. Whoa, tis far more indepth than I imagined, thanks for the explanation. I think I owe Kraid a few questions then.
  5. Ah gil, now that is a tale of times long past...
    Ok let's see. If you have playing FFVIII, you must remember the Triple Triad (or the simular card game in FFIX). Anyway, if you haven't played either, it's a quick and basic card game used primarilly as an optional mini-game. By playing the card game against npc's in the games you could win and lose cards depending on the outcome of the match.
    Anywho, the triple triad feature was quite popular and inspired by FFVIII and FFIX a triple triad for this forum was created. With 10 levels of cards of varying rarity, I think there were around 140 cards in total to collect and all were based on Dissidia with artwork based and/or from the game.

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  6. ....

    You could challenge other members to a match and play for cards or fun, there were even a fun tournaments held back in the days. Cards were obtained by winning from other players in staked matches or buy buying packs of cards. The cards were bought with the gil you see below your avatar. Each week players were awarded Gil a certain amount of gil depending on a multitude of factors, mainly reputation.
    I'm not sure if you have ever heard of him, but the creator and first admin of this website is called Mass Zero. He was the one in charge of distributing the gil every week. I'm pretty sure he didn't reward everyone seperately but he did have to do something because as he got less and less active the frequencies of the gil distribution became less and less as well. At first it started to come a day late on occassion but after a while it was at a point were we got some gil every month or so.

    *continuted below*
  7. ....

    Still the triple triad was a nice niche and there were a bunch of people die-hard collecting the cards using the staked matches to trade cards amongst eachother. After an update about a year ago (I think) the triple triad feature was suddenly removed. I'm not sure of the excact motivation behind it, but if you're really curious you could always ask Kraid.

    And that, as they say, is that. FFX references yo Anyway, turned out to be a rather long wall of text but I figured you might enjoy the story.

  8. Say, how does one gain Gil within the forums?
  9. Yeah I noticed that too. O_o
    My falcon is gold but has zero stars, I rarely run out of charges though. Healing seed is gold and three stars. As for the golems, I think I got all gold but only fire has a star. I do have three three-starred fire throwing arrows though. : )

    Very close to plat btw, got 100th coop yesterday and currently lvl 15/81.
  10. Going for a 99 Magic makes it almost impossible to heal with your recovery so low. I suggest only using the golem and weapons on low mobility enemys, and rely on mostly on the DPS of arrows. How many stars does your Gold Healing/Regenisis Seed and Gold Falcon Feather have?
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