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  1. Well, if ever in doubt, rest assured that I, personally, will always convey a message that needs to be heard. Of course, I have high confidence that the rest of the staff would do the same if you requested them to pass a message on to staff - even Narolf despite what you might think right now XD
  2. That is generally what I do but idk; probably felt like the system wasn't working or something.
  3. I had the same thoughts but there were a few things that made me decide that it was best to post it there and at that time. The first being - I wasn't sure where else I could request it. Second, we've got round 0.5 and round 1, so not specifying gets a little confusing and it's a little annoying going back to the bracket each time. Finally, if it really was out of place or belonged somewhere else, I'm sure it'll get deleted/moved anyways. That was my reasoning anyways. Thanks for the heads up though, it's appreciated.
  4. Veysey. With your post in *Post tourney results here* it seems out of place. I would ask for deleting it but it's up to you. And it's only the first round so there are no winner/losers bracket ATM. Only second round should have winner/loser bracket in it.
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