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  1. Wouldn't Endurance play a bigger part in being able to withstand punishment?

    In any case, I don't think this proves anything as Saber could react to Fate's attacks and avoid them with C agility but was pressured against Zero's when she had A, so logically would Zero Berserker with A+ agility then just dance around Fate Berserker?
  2. Why aren't you?
    /raise arms
  4. So you vs rei-n
    me vs K-Genisis
    Azazer vs Weiss?
    if you're team changed please tell me =p
  5. Who do you want to fight who in our match *also tell me if I have to set it up =/ I told Rei-N to set it up*
  6. So our match is tomorrow. At latest Rei-N has to leave 12pm hawaii time (GMT=-10)
    So tell me when you will be on in my time *Calculate with the GMT* and We'll get our match in tomorrow :3
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