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Conversation Between X-Burner21 and Cherub

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  1. We can and so we shall. Hop on IRC #DFTournaments. I'll join soon once I set up everything.
  2. You're EU? I thought it was US. I meant 9PM Eastern (that's about 12 hours difference)
    Well, it's like 10:50PM for me now. If you're still on maybe we can do this before 12?
  3. I'm also free today (28th) and available all day.
    But we can also do it tomorrow but I need to know 9/10 am or pm/your time or my time.
    We should be 7hours apart, thats quite alot actually.

    You're doing it right but being more detailed helps lol. Once we agree on a time be in IRC #DFTournaments at the appointed time and then I'll do the rest. You just watch and get an idea of it.

    But as I said I'm online all day today so it's up to you.
  4. Oh wow, it's starting.
    Uhh... How does this work? Sometime this weekend would be best (now? lol).
    Since it's probably too late for you now, How about the 29th, around 9, 10ish? This is open for discussion so let me know.
  5. It's you and me on the first round. When can you play darling?
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