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Conversation Between Mateus and Mogstache

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  1. Salut Mog. Tu veux jouer un peu là ? Je suis dispo.
  2. Y a pas de probleme tkt.
  3. Mh.. Désolé, comme j'avais pas de réponses sur IRC, j'étais parti.. Ce sera une autre fois écoute.
  4. I can play nowww
  5. Mec attends 5 min quand tu me vois co xD
  6. Sorry, was afk, I'm here now
  7. I was indeed in DMZ, I think the problem comes from my computer which is kinda like a toaster :3
    I could do a few matches against other people but you're not the only one which I crashed with, so yea it's probably on my end.

    But sure, I'll be on the IRC anyway, hope we can have a few matches
  8. So i had a good feeling. I was sure, due to his gameplay and Set character that this person was not a beginner, perhaps even a dissidiaForum member.

    Well, yeah.. Sadly.. It makes me mad.. I was really hopping it would work,

    Were you in DMZ ? Mh.. The disconection could come from différents reasons, i'll try to catch you up on IRC, and perhaps we might try to fix this and play together on this.
  9. I think I just found you on the coldbird servers, but we kinda crashed right away, if you ever want to fight during the holidays, send me a message. I'm playing thanks to my computer so it might also be the problem. Anyway, lemme know if you're interested in fighting with me.

    EDIT : Oh and I'll be on the IRC often if you want to catch me.
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