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Conversation Between Mateus and Galadín

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  1. Here is your completed request.

    The wallpaper is a bit bigger than the dimensions given because, speaking from experience (I've the same monitor size as yourself), having your wallpaper at 1680x1050 means a cleaner looking image when it's applied. It scales nicely in other words .

    Anyways, hope you're happy with the finished work. ^_^
  2. Right, first off sorry about the delay in your request; it's not a case of me being lazy or blowing you off, it's more a case of technical difficulties. Long story short, I had the YT Channel Art completed but somehow when saving the .PSD it got corrupted. Went to open it the next day to save as a .PNG for you and. . . . the file wouldn't work with Photoshop. Been trying to get the broken file repaired but unfortunately nothing worked so I've been remaking it for you. The Channel Art is ready now though, just working on the wallpaper so all things considered, I'll have everything completed and posted very soon.

    Thanks for being so patient and sorry again for the mishap.
  3. Hello Galadin. I got no answers on your Graphic thread so.. I was a bit worried about it. Guess, you don't have the time to come on Dissidia Forums ?

  4. Okay,i saw this.+REP.I'm waiting quietly now
  5. Hello galadin,i leave a request of signature on your topic,please,leave a comment.
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