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  1. Had wacky wifi so one of the vm's got double posted that's why I deleted it.

    Hmm I see why you aren't comfortable with playing TAY (yet) but honestly I feel the story writing is far from poor. However I can imagine if you have a fan sequel written up and feel very strongly about the original I can imagine being a tad disappointed. It's just very, different, I would say, but so far I'd rank it in the top 7 final fantasy games I've played up until now (and I've played almost everything FF-related). So if you do start playing it someday, try to keep an open mind and do not expect something simular to the original. Also the first part is actually by far the worst part, Cecil's and Rosa's son, Ceodore, is BY FAR the worst character in the game.. >_> But to be honest, I never was a fan of Cecil or Rosa either, I liked Kain and Edge way more.
  2. Dunno why you deleted that message, but...

    Anyway, I actually have not played TAY to be honest. However, I read up on it, and what I read infuriated me. Especially about Rydia and Cecil's son; not to mention all the poor story-writing I heard about from friends. From all the things I heard, I felt extremely disappointed as I *was* excited for TAY when it was announced. I'm just not going to play TAY. If you like it, that's cool.

    Besides, I had an FF4 sequel written up long before TAY was even in development. It just a took a very long time for me to formulate it and write it in a way that I felt was appropriate to release on the internet. By the time my fan story was released, IIRC, TAY came out. My story isn't finished yet, and it focuses on Rydia and clashes big time with TAY's story.

    And yeah, I have an "A-Team" for mashing harder bosses in RK, but I like to use who I want to use for everything else.
  3. Yay! You're back! :P

    ... ... ... umm... I haven't worked on them. To be honest, I've playing FFT: War of Lions a lot lately. XD
    Yeah I'm back, sorta for now, currently on holiday and my only means of internet is through someone else's tablet hotspot so bear with me for a while haha.

    No problem, I'm in no rush but do let me know when they're done please. Also I don't blame you, tactics WOTL is an awesome game. I remember it as being on of the best final fantasies, although it has been years since I played it so I can't really remember the story too well out of the top of my head.
    [continued below]
  4. [continued]
    Also in absence of wi-fi I decided to pickup my FFIV the after years UMD I bought a while ago. Iirc you really didn't like this game, but so far (5th story atm) I'm loving it. All the original characters grown up but still very recognisable, all the different stories that are all very fitting to the character's character (<- sorry for poor wording). Imo the stories are very well written, even Polom, a character I'd usually dislike drew me really into the game. It might lack the sence of epicness and you don't get as attached to a main character as with other ff's but roaming the land again where Cecil and the others once walked after years have passed since I played the regular final fantasy IV really made me feel good. Please tell me (WITHOUTANYSPOILERSPLEASE!) why you didn't like TAY (assuming I am correct in that you didn't enjoy it that is).

    Anyway have a good one and apologies for spamming you entire profile. Darn 1k char limit >_>
  5. I always saw this game as "play your dream FF party" and that's how I'm going to play it. I don't care if it's the least optimized way to play, I'm not letting RNG chain me down to a bunch of characters that I roll my eyes at every time I run a battle with them--eager for the dungeon to end because there are characters I want to play instead.
    Yeah I do the same thing. Pretty much just like in Dissidia, I never play Onion Knight even though I like his style very much because his character is just appaling. However sometimes when I really want to kill some major bosses I run my most powerful party but to be honest, that is kind of refreshing too.

    [continued below]
  6. [continued]

    Also somehow most of my favourite characters are also the ones with the best relics, because I usually only pull when something for their realm is up for grabs, so up until now it's been a win-win for me. However I completely agree with you that you should main your favourite party even though it might not be your top party, but honesetly, most of the battles you play probably will be a breeze even without your best party.
  7. Also, I had some fun adventures:

    http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post529233 (Then read the next post)

    http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post529325 (sorry. )

    http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post529349 (fun with FFX's Bahamut)

    http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...l=1#post529459 (inspiration)

    Also got Ramza's Plat. Sword from Banner 4. I really need a Hero's Soul now. XD
  8. Yay! You're back! :P

    ... ... ... umm... I haven't worked on them. To be honest, I've playing FFT: War of Lions a lot lately. XD
  9. Hey Aegis, long time no see! Sorry about my absence, had end-term exams, deadlines and I was moving into a new place so had no time to be active here (although I did lurk a little ) How have you been?
    I'll check out the post you send me after this vm. Also how are the new quests coming along?
  10. Where did you go? :'(
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