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  1. Ha, all things considered, it's pretty funny how long it's taken me to reply. I just started back at uni after our winter break (that happening July still weirds me out) and I've been stupid busy.

    So how's life?
  2. No problem, I also get vm's every now and then and I often think, oh that's nice a vm, I reply later tonight when I'm on my laptop, and then I forget for a few months.

    Ew running, why would anyone get back into that?
    Can't complain here either, got a few weeks off from uni too and I'm now on fuerteventura to do some surfing with my little brothers so that makes a few weeks off even better.

    Lastly, I'd like to add that your profile(?) title is awesome, Ron Swansonesque lmao.
  3. Hey man, sorry for the late reply, my notifications have been weird for ages and sometimes I just don't get them.

    I'm doing fine at the moment. I have like 2 weeks off uni so it's really nice to not be doing much of anything for a while. Though I'm getting back into running, and that really sucks.

    How's life for you?
  4. Also how have you been? Haven't seen you around much as of late. Then again, I haven't been on much either.
  5. Hahaha that is a very true statement. When I read his post I immediately noticed the account had gil, so I thought "wait how does this spambot have gil, is Mass back or something? Wait he's from 2014, but this is a bot right? What the hell is going on here".
  6. I'm paradoxically incredibly efficient and inefficient at the same time :P
  7. Haha you deleted the spambot thread before I could post a my message. Strange that this bot lay dorment for two years before posting though. Those things never cease to amaze me.
  8. It's certainly difficult. I don't quite no how I manage it :P
  9. No posters? How do you survive in a place like that? I guess they're all animals down under. (You live in NZ now iirc?).
  10. I don't sadly, my current landlord has a thing about putting stuff on the walls. I do still have it laminated though, so it will last longer. I'll be getting my own place next year though, so my nerd palace shall be returned to its full glory soon.
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