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Conversation Between Mateus and 12771a

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  1. It's unfortunate that you don't as much time for the forums now it nice having you around man.
  2. Oh ok. You want to try to battle me again? I was eating when you tried to challenge me.
  3. Yes i had.
  4. Did you try to challenge me online?
  5. Hi. Are you talking about it ? http://dissidiaforums.com/showthread...quiered)/page2 ?

    Check the First page and the Third post of the second page. It seems complicated, but don't worry, it's easy when you're trying this one time.
  6. Can you esplain how the assist modifier cwcheat works.
  7. Well, i really don't know.. I don't have an Android.. Just a PSP And a computer.. But honestly i doubt about it.. Unless you have a Powerful phone. But, why not trying ? I can't tell.
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