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Conversation Between Mateus and Cherub

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  1. Hi Cherub. A friend request has been send on PSN.

  2. Hey mateus,
    I didn't get a friend request yet and was wondering when you are up for some games? I'm up whenever, in fact I could play right now.
  3. I got everything don't worry.
    Cherub_Anima is my PSN!
  4. Hey. So you're ready to play DDFF on AdHoc Party.

    Also, don't forget this : I have the EU AdHoc Party and a EU Copy of dissidia 012. No US ADHP & US Iso

    If that's ok, give me your PSN ID, and i'll add you.
  5. You, Me, DDFF, Adhoc party! I demand some games!
  6. Hey Cherub. Yes. I Play some casuals matchs on the European AdHocParty.

    And for the Japaneses voices. It's an European Iso, but patched with Japaneses voices instead of English ones made by a certain SephiZack.
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