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    You send a vm to yourself instead of X-Zone, just pointing it out.

    Came by to read back some of my vm's to you, no stalking intended.
  3. That makes a lot of sense, then haha! I actually haven't got a chance to play through Bstion yet, either. Actually JUST got around to playing Braid (finally) this Spring. I'll need to keep my eyes peeled on any Steam sales for Transistor in the coming weeks, though. Maybe it'll pop up on the cheap and I won't be able to resist~
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    That would make perfect sense, as it's from the creators of Bastion

    It's quite short, which is fine by me - replayable. The combat has alot of scope for customisation as every skill you earn can be used as a standalone technique, or connected to an existing technique to buff it in some way, or to apply a passive buff to your character. I personally like to keep it simple, so my usual strategy is centered around amplifying the basic attack with healthsteal and extra damage, but as you can imagine there's a myriad of options. Very fun to experiment with on subsequent new game+ playthroughs, and checkpoints are more than frequent enough that you can happily play in short bursts.
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    No problem man. The channel is just classic. Only recently found out about it and love their content, can't wait for their E3 coverage!

    Hit me up on Skype if you fancy any matches - if I'm on Skype, that means I'm down to smash. I've barely played since I won £50 placing first at a local - I've gotten pretty competent with Luigi/Rosa/Dedede/Dark Pit but I just don't have the desire to practice either. No character in this game has clicked like Marth/Sheik in melee or Snake in brawl.

    Honestly hated the look of Destiny until I reached that point of the game, but my enjoyment is very much team-based. I think you'd be much too busy to find it worthwhile, honestly. However, I would definitely recommend Transistor to you. Absolutely fantastic little game.
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    Sounds like you have it under control, great. Yeah I never expected to get sucked into Destiny. Looked too generic in art direction to me, but since getting my first character to endgame, I've been hooked. I actually need to get back into Smash 4, gradually gotten bored with it really. It just doesn't feel as complete as Melee or even Brawl somehow, and Mewtwo was a complete disappointment - terribly designed. I still intend to pick up any DLC characters however - especially if the rumours on Roy and Ryu (!!!) are true.

    Splatoon, that reminds me - here's some wonderful satire. The comments section is gold.
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    Oh damn man, have you got another job lined up in the event that happens? Things have been ticking along here. Still working the same job and I've gotten sucked into the Destiny craze over the past few months (seems I was lucky enough to start after they addressed most of the glaring issues, I love it now). Wanted to get back into USF4 but well, I've not heard pretty things about the PS4 port...
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    Veyyyy. How's life treating you? It's been awhile. Hitting you up here since I rarely bother logging into Skype.
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    Sorry veysey, I will not be commenting on anything related to the mortal kombat thread. In fact this vm might be my last activity on this forum. But you could always ask kraid, he will have an opinion for me. >_>
    Nothing personal, just don't want to cause any more drama over something obviously not worth it.

    Have a good one.
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    In adition to the below vm:

    Oops, I just went through the MKX thread again and I realized the video I critesized (critesised? Idk, sorry, no native ) was called no mercy. If you don't mind I'll write a reply on how and why I felt the way I did about the video tomorrow since it's 1am and I'm on my phone which makes typing a longer message a bit of a hassle. But at least I understand what you mean now hehe.
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