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    Oh yeah CP9 was the pinnacle of OP, that won't be topped, but this arc's been great so far. Probably the best reading since the timeskip. Right now Big Mom totally seems out of the strawhats' league.

    I had a little stalk on bungo.net and I see you've been on WotM, our LLs look approx the same. What did you think of the raid? I see you got your filthy mitts on that exotic pulse too, you sonofagun.
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    One Piece got good again.
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    Hi, apologies for the late reply. I've been soooo slack haha.

    Sorry to hear. =[ I'm totally fine with non insta-replies though! It's understandable given the circumstances. You're still in the ice cream biz right?

    Ah, I've been same old same old. Still prepping for Sunday worships as usual. Well, OverMei has gotten a bit harder to play as given that players over time gradually came to understand Mei's wobbly areas (e.g. anything outside CQC) and adapted. Now I rarely use her outside of QP because of the aforementioned and also because her TTK is just abysmal compared to other dudes like Macree, Genjweeb, and hell even Swedish Dinklage. Blizzard make Defense heroes viable again please thx

    Oh btw, I finished my competitive placement matches last week and ended up at rank 65! Super happy and was redistributed 300 competitive points last night after Season 1 end. Went and bought golden guns for Tracer. Posh skin + golden guns = glorious high class mofo. Do you still play?
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    Ice/Fairy Ninetails destroyed my heart
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    No problem, I also get vm's every now and then and I often think, oh that's nice a vm, I reply later tonight when I'm on my laptop, and then I forget for a few months.

    Ew running, why would anyone get back into that?
    Can't complain here either, got a few weeks off from uni too and I'm now on fuerteventura to do some surfing with my little brothers so that makes a few weeks off even better.

    Lastly, I'd like to add that your profile(?) title is awesome, Ron Swansonesque lmao.
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    (3 of 3)

    Mhm, good deal off of Ebay (don’t judge, lol). I’ll gladly take a $200 used PS4 over a new one that's double the price any day. Great condition and the warranty seals aren’t damaged either so that's always a good thing. Well, if you want to head back to Destiny, then that’s your call! Still thinking about whether or not I want to touch Rise of Iron. Currently sitting at a bittervet status, haha.

    Don't know how busy you are, so sorry for the long reply!

    oh yeah, btw i saw this and thought it was pretty neat because i am easily impressed:
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    (2 of 3)

    In terms of Awakening’s kids, I haven’t really seen anything of the sort first hand since I admittedly have barely used the Awakening trio in any battles and haven’t support grinded them either except for getting Odin and Inigo’s kids. I’ll definitely put getting interracial supports for them on my bucket list though for when I return to Fates. It does seem very interesting.

    Good for you! I doubt I could ever get into Overwatch’s competitive play to be honest. Truth be told, I crack super easily in environments such as that so I’ll just keep my casual ass in Quick Play for now, haha. I’d hate to bring my team down. In the meanwhile, I’ve been playing the game on my friend’s Xbone, experimenting with the different characters and so far make Symmetra and Mei a must for all things defense. Tracer, D.va, and Soldier for when we’re on the attack. Is there any particular character(s) you’d consider a main or you mainly just like to mix it up with pretty much everybody?
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    Ah, okay. Good business move on marrying Hinoka. Pretty sweet girl who always vaguely reminded me of Sully from Awakening who I married in one playthrough. I never got around to coupling the units I disliked let alone actually use them in battles. Part of me wants to get them into shape but to be honest, I’m kinda burned out on Fates at the moment... Haven’t touched it in over a month.

    Oh, you like Reina and Soleil? Awesome! Reina is such an underrated character who always needed more love and Soleil got more flak for her shenanigans then she deserved IMO. But yeah, both of them were among the first set of units that I capped out on both of my playthroughs of Revelation. Yup, agree with you in regards to Laslow being unbearable, lol. Paired him with Charlotte and made her do all the fighting all for that blonde Soleil. Worth. Blonde really looks good on her.
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    Hah, really? Personally, I just paired people up depending on how satisfying their supports were with each other rather than stats. Ended up marring Shura first then Kagero with my male alt afterwards, lol.

    Who do you plan on marrying just out of curiosity? And on an unrelated note, were you ever interested in Overwatch? I ordered a PS4 for a decent $220 the other day along with OW and they should both be in the mail by Wednesday. The game does look really fun and I can totally see myself giving it Destiny-level dedication. RIP social life amirite
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    Also how have you been? Haven't seen you around much as of late. Then again, I haven't been on much either.
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