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    Just remember that you can't use the mayor's office while the gate's open.
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    Train station. Monkey. Talk. You can open your gate, or visit other peoples' villages if their gate is open.
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    I'm hoping for Wario and Ganondorf to make it in. Wario definitely deserves a slot, he's unique and highly relevant having his own franchises. Meta Knight can do one... he isn't hype in the slightest, he'll just bring a sour Brawl aftertaste. Speaking as someone who abused him in tourneys if Snake ever failed me

    Naw, I liked Bleach. Not only did Ichigo get trashed by a girl, we got a fat brawl set up. I feel like Byakuya is kinda OP now though. We know his shikai is now basically as strong as his bankai (and is p much what beat As Nodt... it dispelled his strongest technique which would have killed Rukia, she just dealt the finishing blow), so fuck knows how much damage he can deal if he gets serious.
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    Could be better. Upstate NY has nothing to offer me now, so I'm heading down to Queens, NY to live with my grandmother. I had the most heart-wrenching goodbye party with all my friends tonight.
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    Hey, open your New Leaf gate please?
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    It was okay. I don't normally do anything on my birthday.
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    I hear F-Zero and Earthbound stages were leaked. That to me confirms Falcon and Ness, who are indispensable imho. We can also expect G&W and Ice Climbers. It's the other vets that are a big maybe. Almost every single newcomer was present in the leaks, which to me makes it 90% certain we're getting Chrom, Shulk, and the Chorus Men. Add those seven onto the revealed roster, and we have 40 characters. And it is thoroughly unreasonable to expect much more than 40 characters, especially given the 3ds's limitations. Which makes the likes of Mewtwo, Wario, Ganondorf, Falco, Meta Knight, ROB and even Jigglypuff increasingly unlikely.

    Lovely to hear on Auckland. Shall put it on my to-visit list, pronto.
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    Nah, Hashwald just left after awhile, remember? I hope Kyoraku, Love, and Shinji show up, they're needed here. 3 beasts (Byakuya, Renji, and -sigh- Rukia) aren't gonna fend off all those sternritters. I mean I'm sure Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika can fight trash like Glutton girl and Zombie girl, we have no idea what Pepe's capable of so he could be awful (unlikely, he's probs one of the strongest). But Bazz-B's been built up to be a beast (possible 1v1 with Byakuya?), we know Guns'n'Tache was beastly enough to inflict a serious injury on Kyoraku, Ugly Shades has been built up quite a bit (and he's prepared himself to fight Renji, so that'll probably happen), and Candice and Meninas are pretty fucking strong, even if Ichigo outclassed Candice hard. Oh... and do you remember Bomb girl begging the zombie girl before the scene was cut short? I bet you Bomb girl is now her pet zombie, and she was pretty fuckin powerful so... yeaaah. That said, lolbleachpowerlevels.
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    I'm just happy to see that hottie slap Ichigo around <3. Wonder where Shinji and Kyoraku are at. Swear we haven't seen Love do shit so far either. I'm a bit peeved to see Hisagi up and fighting, Mask blatantly took him out.

    Smash 4 looks clunky and meh in general. Hope they fix it before release. On a more positive note, Sheik looks downright broken so at least I'll have someone to tierwhore with if it stays in this state
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    Haha in all honesty I think most people do freak out during exam seasons... it's just a matter of how much they decide to show the world haha. And then on the other end of the spectrum you will definitely have a bunch of people who just won't give a flying F.

    Heh it's not naive dude... and as a person who has a kid now... it's a hell of a ride. If you like kids, I would say find the right partner (if you haven't already ) and go for it. From personal experience, the earlier you start the easier you can keep up with your kids. Heck my kid's only crawling and I already have problems keeping pace with him -.- BUT before any of these kid stuff the next most impt factor is that you gotta be stable financially.

    Just my 2 cents ^.^
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