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    What have I been doing... getting back into Overwatch again with CtF returning, thankfully not locked to Lijiang this time, and the custom games browser (hell YES I love this thing). Asides from OW, I've been playing buttloads of a 2hu fangame on my tablet because I don't actually own a Windows computer lol rip. Gonna get Nier Automata once February's check gets in the mail too. How about you?

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    Aww, sorry hun. Didn't see your message until now. 3:

    Nice- your mannerisms were so similar (sorry, did a short stalky stalk of FTA's post history don't hurt me) and well, the name, so it had to have been more than a coincidence haha. Believe it or not, I argue like all the time IRL over the most mundane things. It's kinda sad.

    Don't worry, it's all good. How have you been feeling as of late btw? You had kidney stones, right? That must have been incredibly sucky. D:

    Mhm, I'll pop up here from time to time just to see if any new stuffs are happening. Kinda sad that it's just you, me, Jordy, and like Mericus left. Had some good memories here but I can't disagree with Cherub that this site is primitive tech and that people should move to the new one (which admittedly I log into like once a month as opposed to here haha).

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    i think i may have bumped into your account in r/overwatch lol, are you CookiesFTA?
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    Konnichiwa desu desuuu~ Glad there are still some of the cool kids alive haha. /highfive

    What's up? Nothing much, just on break from playing at the church for two weeks (kind lady volunteered to fill in for me). I'll be back to play on New Years but in the meantime I've been messing with Pokemon Y. hbu fam? You already done Christmas shopping or is that not your kinda thing :P

    (lowkey my power went off twice while writing this. Blame all the ice on the power lines because it's frigid as hell down here in Maryland. Ughh I want to migrate)
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    Hehe, only 25 hours? lmao I have 91 hours already logged in. I'm trying to get through the last expert dungeon and it's some real cheese, let me tell you. Anyway, that's good. You get to relax a little for the holidays before the new year. I'm doing....okay I guess. I recently was diagnosed with Diabetes and it's progressed to where it damages my nerves in both legs :/ I have to wait until my results of my blood work come in to know what type I have and get proper medication for it. And it doesn't help that I don't have a job at the moment.
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    What's up Cooks? I'll be around the forums when you need me. Seems like you and Kraid are the only active mods here these days.
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    Man, I do not agree with the hard mode patch one bit. Three weeks in was too early to bump up the rewards, and the way they implemented it was asinine. So I can now play Crucible for up to 400 drops, but the normal raid drops (incl. exotics) are capped at 385? You shitting me Bungo? Normal raid became completely redundant within a month.

    And if one thing should have gone to 400, it was rank up packs. They shat on their longevity, I hit 400 within a week and now I can't be assed. Patrols, court of oryx, queen's bounties, prison of elders, gunsmith... why would I grind these for drops 10 levels below me? So many activities made redundant in one bad decision.

    I had fun with casual play before because I was gradually gearing up my entire arsenal, any exotics/skelly keys were the cherry on top. Playing for these low drop rate cherries and no cake is not fun. Throw in FotL being a thinly veiled microtransaction cash grab and my mood with this game has soured to say the least.
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    I have deciphered the subliminal message in your last post and came to a conclusion that we really don't talk anymore. ACE DETECTIVE

    How do ya do Cookster? :3
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    Hahaha, I suck at Crucible now. idk if it's rustyness or changed meta or what, maybe I'll practice 3v3 sometime since that shiny trials gear is tempting (the hunter cloak and titan gauntlets mainly). For now, if Genesis Chain performs well in PvE that's enough for me. It'll complete my Jury/Dogma/Chain trinity.

    Sweet. I'm just waiting on next arms day because bs timegating =/= good quest design. Honestly the relic farm was fine, and luckily I was on warlock so ability kills just kinda completed themselves en route. How's the Thorn handle? Kinda assuming it's butts now, but I did enjoy the weapon feel in y1.
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    Yeah. It's really showing the difference between shichibukai and yonkou tier.

    Same. Our raid group has a couple of weak links but we're making up for it so far. Honestly, can't decide what I prefer between this and VoG, probably won't make my mind up until I've run the heroic a few times. Hah, my friend plays religiously and he only just had Thorn quest proc today, you'll get it eventually.

    Yeah it sounds like a pain. I'm not too fussed on it, just looking for that Genesis Chain drop. Tell you what exotic I am considering hunting down though... Dark Drinker. Its DPS is apparently unmatched for Aksis phase 2.
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