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    Good to know you're still sticking around :P

    I get that whole college thing. I just finished my first year (should have started 2 and a half years before I did, but that's a long story) and it is pretty nuts. Otherwise things are going rather well. I'm definitely enjoying the new smash and I can't wait for the Wii U version :3
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    Wow Zero, it's been a little while :P
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    Ha, no problem :3
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    Hey again Zero, your request is finallllly done, sorry it took so long :/ You can find it:

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    Hey there Zero. Sorry for making ya wait so long for the sig :/ I got a new computer and I've been having trouble getting gimp to work, but it's okay now so I'll have it done soon :3
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    Oh, and for the record, from the Official Rules of the forum:

    5d) Do not abuse the reputation system. Do not make topics asking for more (positive/negative) reputation, and do not use the reputation system as a way to anonymously insult other forum members. All comments must adhere to rule 1.
    It doesn't really clarify it and I'm not sure about it myself, but I would find it hard to believe that handing out negative reputation for the sole reason of personal hatred falls under fair use of the reputation system. I have a feeling a majority of the moderators and administrators on the site would agree. Please leave your personal feelings where they belong.
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    If you had acted mature and continued to ignore me like how I was ignoring you after the incident, we would've been fine. For some reason though, you just had to vocalize your opinion about me once again, bringing dead matters back to the surface. There's simply no reason in reviving old drama like that. I only brought this all up in the first place in hopes of you getting this basic idea: even if you hold a grudge against someone and don't like them, don't bring back unnecessary drama. Our issues from before are long gone and we didn't even so much as talk to each other afterwards. We're already done dealing with one another and we've moved on. Thanks to this, there's no real point in telling me "I don't like you" two months later because I've already come to that assumption. You're not going to get anywhere with this. If something dies, let it stay dead.
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    I could very well say the same for you. You don't understand me in the slightest and just because you disagree with my posts and ideas doesn't give you the permission to act as such. You're very much correct in saying that I don't very much like you either because I really don't. The difference between me and you is that I let go of the grudge and I stayed away from you instead of causing unnecessary drama and coming back just to tell you "I don't like you" again. After my last visitor message, I simply started to ignore you. Why couldn't you do the same? If you don't like me, why would you go out of your way to tell me that you still don't like me with a de-rep instead of just ignoring me through-and-through? This is extremely childish of you and you should drop this habit. I'm sorry, but I'm led to believe that you're the tattling child here.
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    If you do have issues with me or are in possession of old grudges as you say, you should've just approached me in my Visitor Message inbox directly instead of giving me negative rep. You jumped to an assumption there; I wasn't complaining about the fact that my rep would be lowered by one---never did I even state that or imply that. It's the internet; why would I care about such a trivial thing? I merely used that point to bring up the fact that you should just talk to me directly instead of hiding behind the rep system like a coward.
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    Really? Giving me a random anonymous negative reputation with nothing more than "Because I don't like you" as a reason? You really thought I wouldn't have caught on to the fact that it was you? Thought you would stay hidden so you could feel cool about it?

    Please. Grow up and leave old things in that past. That entire fiasco was almost two months ago. Stop holding ridiculous grudges over the internet.
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