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    Sweetness! I was afraid of coming off long winded XD

    Man, I hope we get a trailer leak soon. Would love to see this alleged phantom train
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    It's been years since I've played but it wasn't too bad of a game, it had some good characters and I like its soundtrack a lot. I like pretty much all the characters except Kefka (friend ruined him for me >:C ). I would like to see Celes get in just because it'd make my bf happy...he's jealous I've got Kain AND After Years Golbez, heh.

    But yeah, here's hoping VI will get someone, there's so many different fighting styles you could do with any of them. Shadow would be awesome since we've yet to get a ninja or Edgar because as I said, his tools would be damned fun to play with.

    Not only that but we need another pre VII character, it may be denial on my part but there may be a reason the 'phantom train' wasn't released with the alts. It just seems odd that they didn't show it when the alts were announced like with III. So let's just keep our fingers crossed~ and cheers for also wanting a VI person in!

    And I apologize if this is teal deer XD
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    Well I bet you could pull off sexy alien somehow.

    Yes, I will wait and eternity if I must. Or alternatively, I could just do a cute face repeatedly until you give in.


    Yes, but I am incredibly lazy sir. >.>
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    Sounds like too much effort.-_- I still want to see your silver hair though!
    Well some aliens are sexy, take Jenova for example...
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    Eh.... I don't think I'd be good enough at photoshop for that... Though I'm curious to see your attempt.

    What about green?:}
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    Just click on "Customize my Profile" in the same line as the "Visitor Messages", "About Me", etc. Then just pick colors and background images.
    I recommend picking colors based on a single image for a consistent color scheme rather than random colors.
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    You never know! It doesn't help that I'm 6'2 and skinny. Sometimes I look like one of those dishelleved anime characters with their rare builds.

    Oooh, sounds interesting.^^

    Well I'd certainley like to try it, even if the results where terrible, I could just dye over it. 0-0
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    Really? I've checked so many stores...but I guess it's very uncommon in Ireland, so I'm assuming it's not well desired either...

    Yes, I can't imagine my parents would be able to stop me, seeing as I pay for everything myself and in fact give them tons of money. Yet I daresay they'd discourage me eventually.

    I'm just curious to see what grey hair looks like on a young face.

    On the other hand, I tend to have dark circles beneath my eyes, and a bit of an old fashioned manner, so it might backfire and I might look like an old man...:X
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    I've always wanted silver hair. It's just so damn hard to find silver hair dye.:{
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