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    Hi Shiro.

    Kraid asked me on yesterday's evening to come forth at you in order to apologize. Before I do that tho, I would like to ask you two simple questions.


    Narolf has constantly been harassing him since the thread about Rebellious Soul needing to be banned. CONTINUOUSLY.

    Does the above quote reflect how you felt about the situation?


    I really find ironical that pretty much all people who voted "No" in the poll are people who don't play the game competitively at all. In fact, some of the names I saw came off as a surprise to me, granted those people transpired as casuals pretty much every time I read them.

    Are you taking offense by the above quote?

    You don't have to respond to me in public (as in "in another VM") if you don't want to, just shoot me a PM instead. I can also get on the IRC and discuss with you directly, face to face.
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    Nah man, I musta just missed your messages. Garuga was chatting about matchups if it's the stream I'm thinking of, so I was focused around that while farming on Borderlands when I wasn't watching. As for IRC, I pretty much always have stuff on at the same time lol. Query me or whatever so I get the notification next time, I never meant to ignore you, sorry if it looked that way
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    Much love back <3

    I'm still not sure what you're talking about though, did I miss something on chat while I was afk XD
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    Well, im going to actually talk black like I am for a second. "Don't start none won't be none". Don't insult my skill level then act like you're all cool and everything like you haven't done anything. In fact that's a lesson for the ages. Peace dude.
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    wot u chattin about
    iab drubk
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    Settings at the top > Scroll-down until you see "My account" on the left bar > Edit Ignore List > User Name: Narolf

    You're welcome.
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    It isn't, really. It's that I wanted to check whether you were still bearing a grudge or not by making that teasing remark about settling it through a Cloud ditto. All in good fun at first, sad outcome at last.

    By the way, here was the quote of the post they deleted.

    I'm actually planning to quit DDFF. Dunno when..might be soon might be later...

    Also, refrain from saying you will stop posting or even asking me to do the same while you know that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
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    Ive pisted twice on your page in 3 days both of which are responses to you directing sonething at me
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    I think it's enough to discuss this matter via PMs/VMs? I'm cross-posting this to both of you.
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    There is a hard delete option you know. What were we talking aboug in narch anyway?
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