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    In case of something NSFW, the signature/avatar will be deleted pretty much instantly on most respectable forums. Staff do usually give a warning, but usually it's less than an hour on pretty much most forums I go on and that's only if a signature is too big. As I stated already: I saw that you became inactive after I gave you the original message. I'm unsure then when you are returning so I deleted it myself. Again, Forseti had no influence in my decision, only that she had confirmed my decision.
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    Actually, I didn't even know someone complained about them until after I posted on VM to you. Your previous avatars have never been 'that bad.' I've always allowed 'borderline' NSFW images, but in the case of your last avatar which does show a bit more than normal as well as the sexually suggested way it was, it had to be removed. After which I saw that someone else (Forseti) had mentioned about it and I had to fully agree with her. Understand that NSFW doesn't mean "Not showing private parts/Sex" but means 'Not Safe For Work.' Sexually explicit images can come under that also including pretty much anything that would be classed as 'Ecchi.'

    I was going to give you time also, but you were at that point considered inactive and thus I removed them.
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    Shiro, I will ask you to change your avatar and signature. I want to point out that just because it's not showing 'private parts' does not mean the image is SFW. If someone is viewing this forum at work or college and their boss/teacher sees your avatar/signature, it can actually get that person into trouble. Both images are still VERY sexual in their nature and can thus be classed as NSFW.

    I am only asking nicely and I will remove them myself if need be.
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    I always end up with an headache when trying to explain things to you. Conclusion: I won't change my avatar just because you think it's NSFW.
    It's the other way around, really. And last I checked, areolae are NSFW. Not sure why you're saying it isn't.
    Quote Originally Posted by Forseti
    Just thought you had more common sense than that. :l
    And I never told you to change your avatar. Stop being so difficult. If you want your avatar to be some random animu stripper, then all power to you. Just please understand what is NSFW and what isn't.
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    So shit doesn't continue to get derailed.

    I had this discussion (almost) 2 years ago w/ somebody that didn't like my perverted avatar/signature.
    This particular set, nobody found anything against it
    These two things donít exactly coincide with one another, do they?

    Well...if your mommy doesn't let you see my kind of avatars/signatures...you know what to do...add me to your ignore list.
    I surely hope to God that you arenít being serious.

    When you register to this forum, you claim/agree that you are at least 14y old. That's an age where it's acceptable to see some perverted avatars/signatures.
    Forum rules explicitly state minors and public viewers. Pretty sure that also applies to the age range youíre mentioning.

    You're over-exaggerating...like you always do.
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    Late ass reply but you know how I work

    I actually started learning Japanese again, going from Hiragana > Katakana > Some Kanjis. So far, I learned some of the hiraganas and plan to finish it soon to move to Katakana. It's actually quite fun.

    Good luck in your searach! (if you haven't found one since the last time we chatted ) I'm going to do an intern next week so I'm actually preparing form that as well.

    I also went to a AnimeCon in Turkey yesterday! Took alot of photos there and found some pictures of your avatar's main source
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    I think it's one of those things where you 'get it' or you don't. Dart for example 'gets it'. I don't think Lucky did. Which became a bit of a problem when one side took the drama to heart.

    I've never played Phantasia and that's something I plan to fix at some point. FFXV, from my playtime with the demo, is awful. The half cocked semi-real time combat is clumsy and shit. It needs big improvements to become a decent game, let alone a good one. You'd think from the KH games that they could pull off real time combat, but XV has this odd mix of turn based and real time that fails on both fronts.

    On the positive: I really liked what I saw of KH3 at E3. And it's not too late to correct your sillyness, grab 2.5 for ps3. I had to skip every nonsense cutscene, but 2's final mix was easily my favourite in the series - critical mode difficulty setting was perfect!
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    If the drama brings negativity to you, it's not for you. For me, as long as it's not outright toxic, I revel in it. It's hilarious, just a silly facade, like WWE drama. Brings much needed spice and rivalry to the scene, which makes for a much better spectator sport.

    The ToX games are fantastic. I would actually say Vesperia is the greatest in the franchise, though Symphonia holds a special place being the first I played. Nonetheless, the ToX games are the next best for me which speaks volumes for their quality given that I played them the most recently, at my most cynical ;o

    Don't know if Transistor is on PS3 - probably not tbh. FFXV going by the demo is garbage (hopefully they sort it out) but I am looking forward to KH3. I expect I'll skip every nonsense cutscene but the KH gameplay actually delivers, they have a clear direction with that series.
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    I'm a sucker for the sassy wink <3

    Not just people growing older tbh (I've always been relatively old here), there's always some time for gaming, just the forum has nothing really happening at the moment. I love the competitive scene and the drama that comes with it, and people have just moved on to other games. I just hop on here and there to chat Destiny or Game of Thrones.

    The cycle goes on. I was going to ask on the 'raising a kid' part, lmao. I'm not a fan of Star Ocean tbh, the plastic anime dolls art direction doesn't sit well with me; next jrpg I intend to play is Tales of Zestiria, Tales series quality is just so consistent.

    Whenever you get PS4, one game I'd highly recommend is Transistor. Short, but it's the best game I've played in recent memory.
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    Mmm hmm, your rep message reminded me to say hi :B nah it's all about the avatar. I appreciate the pose and wink

    Has it really been that long? Jeez, I've barely spoken to DF peeps lately but didn't realise I'd neglected you all that much. What an awful human being I am. Things are aight, really just the usual alternating between work/gaming/partying. Whatcha doing with yourself these days?
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