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    Someone who shall remain anonymous stalked your VMs :P Yeah you should never stay in a relationship because you pity them or feel responsible, I was worried you were gonna go too far down that line with the whole moving to japan thing which would have been the point of no return. I saw some of those traits in her when me and her were good friends, but she's only human and everyone has their own personal flaws I guess.
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    Sorry to hear about what happened with Kaya, hope you're doing okay.
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    Wow Garuga, its been ages!
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    He doesn't sound worth the hassle but what can you do. Good to hear you're better.

    Garland redesign is real nice. He honestly looked unfinished to me before, and was a pretty drastic departure from his original FF1 design, so his revamp is unsurprising. I'd be surprised to see others get any crazy aesthetic overhauls though... just expecting some small added details. Their fighting styles will probably get significantly reworked though, so I'm interested to see that.

    Game still lookin trash but \_(ツ)_/
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    Been a couple of months now. How you holding up?
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    Probably a good time to think about bettering yourself - any job's a start, think about a workout routine and/or going gym if that's not something you're already doing, simple stuff to feel better about yourself. Also if there's any girls in your area you kinda like - it sounds like a meathead way to get over someone, but a quick hookup seriously helps, big confidence booster to know you're desirable.
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    Yeah, in my case I didn't immediately fancy that ex either - affection kinda developed gradually like that. There's obviously differences in circumstances etc. but some very hurtful stuff was said when we split. Like, it made me physically vomit. I now know she was very upset too and was just trying to hurt me at the time - probably the same with Kaya, it's doubtful she lied to you on everything. Remember - girls can say really nasty shit when they're emotional.

    Yeah, see how you feel in a year's time. Could see you looking at her situation then and feeling sorry for her - just be careful not to fall back into the same trap if you two do get on - keep it strictly friendly. Or you might find you don't want to talk to her whatsoever, which is also fine.
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    Immature, selfish, 'bad at showing she cares', kinky? Hah, the parallels with an ex of mine never end, I probably mentioned her when we spoke about this before. Assuming Kaya keeps following the same pattern, she will become a much better person over time (probably take years); you wouldn't have fallen for her if she was all bad. She'll learn the hard way first though - losing friends (online or otherwise), failed relationship(s), etc.

    I can guarantee you're much better off without her in your life right now... you already sound like your mind's less clouded by her. Hobbies aside, how are things looking in terms of studying/work? So much easier to focus on these when you're not stuck in a harmful relationship.
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    It'll take some time but you will get over it, don't worry about that. Trouble when you get so invested in a girl like this, you start to envision her as alot more perfect than she really is. Maybe she changed over time from the girl you fell in love with, maybe she was never really that girl to begin with. I got the impression Kaya was inexperienced; doubt she intended to be hurtful, she probably didn't have a clue how to handle the situation, especially when another guy entered the picture. That doesn't excuse her behaviour at all, she's handled this awfully; just to rationalise it.

    Basically - she was alot less than what you gave her credit for, and you can 100% definitely do much better. (You're also better looking than her fyi. No homo.)

    Pffft, Firion shmirion. Prishe has been your real main for awhile, don't let that dissuade you... instead, drop DDFF because it's dead. You could consider getting into another competitive scene. Got any interest in SFV or Sm4sh?
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    Still sad to hear it turned out that way. Been there before and it's hard to take the warnings on board; you convince yourself it's different for you, that she's different, you make excuses for her behaviour. Sometimes you need to learn from these experiences first hand.

    How are you holding up?
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