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    Disagree. Sephiroth was personal for Cloud. His former mentor. Killed his girlfriend, burned down his village (lol rpg cliche). The feeling however, wasn't reciprocated; certainly not to the extent in the extended FFVII universe. Heck, Sephiroth didn't even make a speech to Cloud before the end battle.

    Axel being intended to resemble AC Reno, doesn't justify it. The turks always had a hint of humour and prioritised doing their job, so one can argue the one ordering their actions is the real murderer; but the amount of people Reno single handedly butchered bringing down the plate makes such a wacky portrayal a little uncomfortable.

    His late inclusion into the compilation's story as a whole remains appropriate; it always feels canon.

    About as canon as Hojo's brain wiring itself into a computer to control a secret army below midgar never mentioned in the entirety of FFVII...
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    Before the end result happens, I have to say at least one thing. Your devotion is admirable.

    I know the first-hand feeling of something that could be deemed hopeless by others with knowledge of the situation. I continue to struggle against the hopelessness in the paradoxical hope that in the end, things will turn out just fine even if it's not the optimal result I aspire for. In the end, I just want for her to be happy and for myself to be able to move on. Something similar exists here, but it's altogether different. Not unfamiliar, mind you. Just different.

    Of course, there are times to know when to say things and what not to mention in the first place. Some things are better kept away from the light of day where others can mangle and deform your originally beautiful thought.
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    I was kidding obviously. I just didn't expect death threats from Mizu, lol.
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    Sorry to annoy you but i really want you dead

    I know she hates you and all but good lord.
  5. god im really tired of a person like you. i actually shouldnt care but damn you should really just kill yourself cause no one like really no one would ever miss a stupid person like you.
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    Ironically, I must thank you. You see, if not for the Titanic; the movie would not be made. If not for the movie, Celines song wouldn't be as popular (although as a French Canadian, we'd still likely have listened). If not for the song, my wife and I would not have danced for the first time.

    The rest there is history BUT your devotion to Kagari (and as I mentioned in the past, you go full tilt with your interests) reminds me of how happy I am with Mel and how unlike many friends - I have a relationship that I want to be in. One where I don't WANT to go to the bar with buds or spend all hours of the day off doing something else. I want to be home all the time.

    I hope - with utmost sincerity - that you find and experience that and you're looking in the right places for it. I will always wish you well it seems. Can't be helped.
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    ...then you have very strange character 'developments'; not only Cloud regressing to his disc 2 emo state, but suddenly the mass murdering Reno is a wacky comic relief Axel with goggles (he probably killed more people in FFVII than Sephiroth...?), appealing all the more to the fanbase just out for super cool anime action, and you have a decent videogame equivalent of how dumb the Matrix series became.

    Crisis Core, I can accept, though Genesis was clearly thrown in as a poor attempt to justify his existence in the abominable Dirge of Cerberus.
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    Taking to VMs to avoid derailing.

    I have a gripe with carrying on 7 at all after the ending, as is it completely misses the point of the original ambiguous ending. A large theme of the game was whether humans were good for the planet. The fact they only showed Red XIII post Meteor clash left it ambiguous, and was the cleverest way to end the game leaving it up to the player to form their own conclusion.

    However, carrying it on not only lost this and the focus of the struggle to save the planet, it devolved FFVII into a generic rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth; a rivalry that was never really in 7; while Sephiroth tormented Cloud at times, his master objective certainly had nothing to do with him, and was linked directly to the Planet.
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    until I get banned again, that is.
    I didn't know you could see the future.
  10. You need to wake up.
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