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Basic Information

Date of Birth
September 1
About LXD92
-Personal life-

Originally from Yeosu, South Korea but raised in Sweden since early childhood after an adoption to a swedish family as the second child. Had a quiet and peaceful childhood with some clashes with my older brother (also he adopted) in the early years but those days are passed by becuse we grew up (like most humans).

As a kid I spent most of my time outside playing and went on adventures around the area I lived in. When I was around 8 years old I got introduced to Judo by my parents when they wanted me to exercise with something and it have been apart of me ever since. Biggest accomplishments so far is:
3rd place in -55kg at Junior-SM (2011)
3rd place in -55kg at Junior Swedish Open (2011)

In 2014 i took the exam for blackbelt and earned the right to wear it, i also started to study to be a personal trainer/trainer in Swedens main city Stockholm.

-The Start of my Dissidia life-

My Dissidia career started a few months after the European release in 2009 and played daily at school with one of my friends and even after school. My friend which had got Dissida at the release date were much better then me at the start but I never gave up and soon I catched up to him and I also joined Dissidia Forums as a lurker at the time.
To help progress my game experience I decided to get adhoc-party so I could fight other players in Europe.
During 2009-2011 I was pretty much an unknown on the forum as I rarely posted and never joined any competition but I was pretty known around the european adhoc-party after I started (early 2010). At the end of 2010 my friend quit Dissidia when he could not keep up with my fast progress of the game and I also joined a DFF tournament for the first time but it ended up in defeat in R2 against Veysey.

In the end of Dissida I played pretty much every character in the game.

In 2011 when Duodecim released I got more slightly more active on the forums but were still an unknown for most of the forum members. When Narolf started hosting EU tournaments for DDFF I joined and got to 3rd place in "Rose of May", it also made me more active on the forums and I joined most EU tournaments Narolf hosted. I also met some friends back then like X-Zone, Dragenyo and Powerqualle.
After the Phoenix drama I finally laid my hands on a NA version of DDFF which I knew would help me progress even further, when at that time EU players were not at the same level in the competive scene and still aren't it were the only choice for me. Also not many EU players could top me back then which made the decision so much better for me, so I started to play on NA Adhoc and left EU and the NA people would start to acknowledge me on the forum after awhile. With my walkover to NA adhoc-party I progressed even further thanks to the experiance in a more competive environment and "better" opponents at that time, and soon other EU players joined me over at NA adhoc-party.

In 2012 (late winter-start of 2013) Narolf got temp-banned (2 months) after some huge drama on the forum. This actully made a big hit on the EU scene for DDFF, up till then only Narolf had hosted EU tournaments. With Narolf temporary gone the group "European Organizers" were made so that it still would be EU tournaments on the forum and the people in the group were Galadín, Cherub, Cookies and Me. A bit later Narolf got banned from the forums.

With the declining interest for the game, all drama that were going around the forum and the dying hope for a Dissida 3. I retired in 2014 and left the forum only checking it at brief moments to keep up with stuff.

From 2009 to 2014 (early spring) my "offical" DDFF tournaments counted up to 22 with 16 top 3 placements.

So of course my favorite game have been Dissida/Duodecim, I have put hours and hours of dedication into these games and have progressed from a beginner to a good player over the past years.

-Out of retirement in atumn 2015-

Now in 2015 with 1 year of retirement Square enix announced Dissida Final Fantasy Arcade and started to reveal info at the end of the year for the Japan Aracde release 26 november.

23th November i started to yet again play Dissida but on a casual level over the PPSPP emulator on PC with friends, I also started to put more work into my channel on twitch as I intend to stream the new Dissidia when it get released on ps4.

-DISSIDIA RECORDS before retirement in 2014

Dissida Forum Tournaments: EU
--Rose of May - 3rd place
--Battle not Alone (Double) - 1st place with Herman as teammate
--Abracadabra -1st place in LB
--Dissidia - 3rd place
--Lovey Dovey - 4th place
--009-Generation - 3rd place with X-Zone as teammate
--Dissidia Most Die - 3rd place
--Linkshell Legacy - 1st place
--Crystallis - 1st place
--Lovey Dovey 2 - 2nd place
--A New Dawn - 1st place
--Light of Dawn - 1st place

Dissidia Forum Tournaments: NA
--Contentio Aeterna - Initiation 3rd place with Kuro as teammate
--Contentio Aeterna ~ Ebullience - 3rd place with Ather as teammate
--Contentio Aeterna - Alacrity - 3rd place with Chaos as teammate
--Level Up - 2nd place
--Summer Wars (Major) - 3rd place
--Overdrive - 4th place
--Contentio Aeterna - Renaissance - 2nd place with Cherub as teammate
--Frostbite Arena (Major) - 7th place
--Purgatory (Major) - 5th place
--Red Sun (JP Ranked) - 7th place


DFF/2009 - 2011 Main: Zidane Tribal
DDFF/2011 - 2014 Main: Zidane Tribal
DFFA/???? - ???? Main: ????

My breaktrough on the DDFF scene came in 2012 in the "Summer Wars" major were I placed top 3, this also made it the 2nd time a EU player would place in top 3 since Kraid in DFF.

1. Creator of Zidanes 4HP combo with Aerith Assist (DLC)

to be continued~
Sweden GMT+1
Esports - Sports - Games - Judo
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"Protecting a man's pride... is a woman's duty"-

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