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Thread: Get Your Game On

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    “Get Your Game On”

    A series of mini tournaments with a limit of 16 players.

    “Get Your Game On” is a series of mini tournaments scheduled to run three (3) times: one in April, one in May, and one in June. Please read carefully the details below:

    Things to Know.

    • Signs ups will be announced a week before the tournament actually starts.
    • These mini tournament series will allow players to compete on first served basis in order of signs ups and is limited to 16 players.
    • You have to sign up ahead of time; space is limited.
    • Players may continue to sign up and they will become reserve players in the case any of 16 players fail to show up on the tournament.
    • Brackets are made on the spot.
    • You must be on #DFTournaments IRC channel during the tournament to facilitate fast paced scheduling.
    • If you fail to show up on the tournament day, reserved players will take your spot when it starts.
    • Don’t be late.
    • Once the tournament starts you have a 15 minute break between each match but you are encouraged to start right away.
    • Players who go AWOL for extended periods of time will be DQ’d from the round.


    1st Place: 10$ US PSN Code OR Premium Membership


    • PS3 and ADHOC Party required
    • In-game rules set to: Official (Full gear/no jobs)
    • Feral Chaos banned
    • Infinites banned
    • Hacked Items banned
    • Any other form of cheating (CWcheat, NitePR, FreeCheat, etc.) banned

    Counterpicking system

    Match 1: Only five stages will be available for choice and they will be chosen on a smash striking system. Both players must decide who gets to strike a stage out first. After this decision:

    Player A must choose to strike out between: *new*Crystal World, Empyreal Paradox, Sky Fortress Bahamut, Pandaemonium (original), Prima Vista


    old maps for reference that were used in EXP+:
    Old Chaos Shrine, World of Darkness, Sky Fortress Bahamut, Pandaemonium, Prima Vista

    old maps for reference that were used in FEPs:
    M.S. Prima Vista, Pandaemonium, Sky Fortress Bahamut, Lunar Subterrane and Old Chaos Shrine.

    Player B chooses to strike out one of the four remaining stages.
    Player A strikes out another.
    Player B effectively chooses one of the two stages left to be the first battle arena.
    Both players pick their character and customize at will--a blind-pick can be requested if a dispute arises.

    Match 2: Loser of Match 1 chooses any stage. Winner of Match 1 chooses and announces character. Only then, Loser of Match 1 announces his/her character. Both players customize at will.

    Match 3: Same procedures of Match 2 apply, based on Match 2 results.

    Tournament Schedule


    Sign-Ups Open: ~2012-03-31
    Start Date: 2012-04-07 2PM PDT
    End Date: 2012-04-08 11:59 PDT

    Show up on IRC 30 MINUTES before the tournament stats or you will forfeit your spot.

    FEPs has completed.


    Sign-Ups Open: ~2012-04-28
    Start Date: 2012-05-05 2PM PDT
    End Date: 2012-05-06 11:59 PDT

    Show up on IRC 30 MINUTES before the tournament stats or you will forfeit your spot.

    “Level UP!”

    Sign-Ups Open: ~2012-05-26
    Start Date: 2012-06-02 2PM PDT
    End Date: 2012-06-03 11:59 PDT

    Show up on IRC 30 MINUTES before the tournament stats or you will forfeit your spot.

    All deadlines will be using the PDT Timezone (- 7 GMT).

    Round Details

    • All rounds are 2/3. Finals are 3/5.
    • Save ALL your matches and send the replays to thedissidiaforums@gmail.com .
    • Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (turning off the Psp, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the round as per the requirements of the previously mentioned point.

    Replay Information

    Replays will be uploaded on the forum's youtube account. The winner of the round must send in ALL the matches along with the results of the round in such format:

    Round # (Winner's/Loser's Bracket)

    Match 1: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player
    Match 2: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player
    Match 3: Player A (Character A) vs. Player B (Character B) - Stage - Winning Player

    Winner ~ Winning Player Score against Losing Player


    Round 1:

    Match 1: Spyder (Terra) vs. RDFMASTER (Bartz) - Old Chaos Shrine - RDFMASTER
    Match 2: Spyder (CoD) vs. RDFMASTER (Garland) - World of Darkness - Spyder
    Match 3: Spyder (Lightning) vs RDFMASTER (Yuna) - Order's Sanctuary - RDFMASTER

    Winner ~ RDFMASTER 2-1 against Spyder

    Help & Support

    All questions, disputes or problems are to be PM'd or queried directly to Spyder or myself. Be sure to notify any of us IMMEDIATELY if problems arise or any rulebreaking behavior during any of the matches. Be ready to send in the replays if necessary. Everyone are encouraged to use #DFTournaments irc channel for fast communication. I will be on there whenever I can.

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