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A Tale of Bound Burden

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Thread: A Tale of Bound Burden

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    Default A Tale of Bound Burden

    <A Tale of Bound Burden>


    "The circle of fate has come to a full turn yet again. And so the time has come..."


    As dawn breaks on the horizon, a dainty figure dressed in a white robe with golden embroidery scampers up a hill and disappears into a circular Temple supported by Doric colonnades.

    The light soon flooded the mountains and plains. It began to trickle through the cracks of the well enveloped inner Temples.

    Within the innermost chamber, the figure now knelt before a huge statue begins to pray.

    "Oh merciful goddess, show me who will be the chosen one who will cleanse the world once again."

    With a sudden gush of wind, the howls could be heard through the empty halls. A single dove gently flapped its way towards the chamber.

    Without breaking silence it landed on the statue before the priestess.

    "It will show you the way."

    The priestess lifted her head up to the statue and looked at the dove with her huge green eyes.

    "Now go!"

    With a tiny gasp, she nodded her head and immediately stood up, adjusting her robes and straightening her long black hair. As she was tending to herself the dove took off and flew out of the chamber.

    "H...Hey! Wait for meee!"

    Nearly tripping, she quickly poised herself and scrambled out of the inner chamber.


    A young man stood near the waters of a calm river in the middle of a serene woods, looking around seemingly lost.

    "Where am I?... Wait... Who am I?..."

    The dashing young man crossed his burly arms with one hand placed on his forehead in deep thought. His mind was a blur, many questions appeared in his head which he could not answer. He started to scratch his raven black hair which flowed to the back of his neck. His identity was a mystery even to himself. Who is this mysterious young man?

    "Stop wasting time Nisus and go!"

    "Nisus?" He thought. "Could that be my name?" He blinked his brown eyes twice and looked around to see where the voice had come from.

    A sudden rustling sound could be heard which caught his attention. He turned around in an instant only to see a deer leaping its way through the thick bushes. He slowly followed the deer's path in curiosity and eventually reaches a clearing. The sun brightly shone and the rays battered on his eyes causing him to lift his hand for shade.

    As he regained clear sight, he sees a village in a distance.


    A sudden sensation rushed through Nisus' mind as his head began to spin and his vision blurred again. He suddenly saw a huge circular clearing in the middle of an oddly colored woods.

    A blonde girl stood before him, her shiny golden hair flowing in the breeze.

    She turned her head around, but her face was blurry. All he could see was the corner of her smile.

    Nisus quickly got back to his senses and he found himself looking at the village once more.

    "Who... is she?"

    He felt that nothing could answer his questions now, so he began to make his way towards the village. In hope of searching for some answers.


    In a town by the sea, the townsfolk went about their late morning schedule.

    In a tiny quaint house, the phone began to ring. The lady who was tidying up the house quickly drop her activities and hurried to answer the call.

    She warmly greeted the caller but as soon as the caller replied, her cheery disposition immediately change.

    "Alright, I'll look for her!" she hurriedly answered as she hung up. "Now where can she be???"

    The lady quickly folded her apron and tossed it aside as she stomped out of the house.

    A huge library stood near the center of the city. Known to be one of the biggest in the world of Immunda. On a normal day like this, it's usually quite vacant.

    A teenage girl sat on one of the tables with her head hovering over a book. She stared intently at the words.

    "She said every hundred years huh?... Cleasing the world... Blah blah blah... ... Meh, nothing interesting..." she lightly commented as she slumped back in her chair.

    "And this is the day... Well! Good luck to her! Man school is a drag. Gotta get out once in a while!"

    She rolled her head from side to side, bored beyond her wits. Giving up on thinking about her friend, she decided that she would take a nap instead.

    She slowly closed her eyes as she tried to lull herself to sleep.

    "Get out! Get out! Shoo!!!" the voice of the librarian rang through the hall.

    "I'm very sorry miss!"

    The familiar voice suddenly woke the girl up from her quick nap as she turned herself around to see what was going on.

    To her shock she saw a dove flying straight towards her, clumsily knocking itself into a trolley of books while trying to avoid a pillar.

    Very quickly, the dove began to hover around her.

    "Eeek!!! Get away! Get away!" the girl covered her blonde head as she tried to shoo the dove away.

    "I'm sorry! It got pretty out of hand!"

    The familiar voice was heard again. The blonde girl now looked up as the dove perched itself on a chair nearby. She took her hands of her head and looked up to affirm her suspicion.

    There stood the black haired priestess with a shocked look on her face.



    "Oh cruel fate, when will you come to an end?"

    And so it begins,

    Credits Roll!

    Author: Acaract aka kitmeng
    Idea and End-Product Reviewers: DEKMStephens, AnimeHaven aka CrusaderofSacrifice, Sanaki aka Mirron
    Title came up by: DEKMStephens (I told you I'd do so)

    ~Chapter 1 – The Journey Starts Anew (Part 1)~

    The time has come again for the journey of the cleansing, in the world of Immunda as what the gods call it now, which is on the road to self-destruction if not for the compassion and mercy of one goddess.

    Now a new person has been chosen for this journey, a young girl named Lisanna, and is to be accompanied by an agent of the gods, the priestess Alicia. A long and arduous awaits them in a world of dismal state.

    The story begins in the continent of Nescio Quid, in a town by the sea named Portus.


    "No way! No! No-no-no-no-no! I can't be the chosen one!" Lisanna exclaimed in shock. "Can't you find someone else???"

    After the sudden encounter at the library, Lisanna was overwhelmed by the shocking news, as well as annoyed by the fact her mother discovered she didn't attend school. The three now sitting around Lisanna's house after being chased out by the librarian for creating such a commotion.

    "I can't believe it too! My daughter of all people? Surely there are much better choices!" Lisanna's mother commented.

    "Ugh, thanks a lot mom..."

    "And let's nor forget about your absence at school today. We need to talk about this later."

    Lisanna scoffed. The two looked as if they were about to get into a fight.

    "Ah... Erm... About the cleansing..." Alicia tried to interject while trying to avoid a fight.

    "The answer is no. I won't do it. What part of me says that I would commit to such a thing? Surely you know me well enough Alicia. This conversation is over!" Lisanna retorted as she stomped off to her room.

    "My my such a problem she is... Alicia dear I think it's best if you look for someone else" Lisanna's mother said in concern.

    "But I can't Mrs Lavare, the goddess has made her choice. And I believe there is a very good reason for it". Alicia gently explained.

    Knowing that there was no choice, Lisanna's mother sighed and offered Alicia a cup of tea, warning her that it would take a lot to coax Lisanna to accept her fate.

    In Lisanna's room, Lisanna laid on her bed trying to wrap her mind around her current situation, tossing and turning in distress. She thought about what will happen if she were to accept this appointed role, the way she had to change herself and the many things she had to leave behind. She then shook them off and tried to relax herself.

    "Lisanna Lavare, do not run from your past."

    While Lisanna fell asleep, she dreamt of a tall man walking away. She got to her feet and chased after the man.


    "Father???" she shouted out.

    "Lisanna! Wake up!"

    Lisanna awoke to the sound of her mother's voice.

    "Are you alright? You kept shouting while you were asleep?"

    Lisanna groggily nodded and said it was nothing. Her mother heaved a sigh of relief as she gently asked Lisanna to go downstairs for dinner.

    Not surprisingly, Alicia sat at the dinner table waiting for Lisanna's arrival.

    "Had a good nap?" she chirped and smiled.

    "Alicia... I... I've decided... To go with you on this journey..." she said with slight hesitation.

    There was sudden silence as the two stared at Lisanna with great shock.

    "Lisanna darling… Are you… Sick?" her mother then quickly replied with concern as she held her hand to Lisanna’s forehead.

    "Hold on! Is it snowing???" Alicia interjects as she ran to the window to check.

    "I’m Fine!!! And it never snows here!" Lisanna reacted with an annoyed tone towards her mother’s and Alicia’s insulting replies.

    "A… Are you sure dear?" her mother puts her hand down.

    "You know I could just ask the goddess…" Alicia steps back from the window and glances to Lisanna’s mother and back to Lisanna.

    "I have decided, and don’t ask why! We leave tomorrow at dawn." Lisanna replied vehemently. “And tell me all I have to do tonight.” Lisanna bossily said as she pointed at Alicia

    "Ah… I see." Alicia had no choice but to agree, yet she was relieved at the same time.

    And thus Lisanna miraculously agreed to Alicia's request to go on the journey to cleanse the world.
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    Interesting prologue. Hope there is more to Nisus' part of the story.

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    ~Chapter 1 – The Journey Starts Anew (Part 2)~

    Nisus, a mysterious young man of unknown origin, appeared in a forest near a village. He had a strange vision about a girl unknown to him as he saw the village and he decided to make his way to the village to find some answers.

    He wandered into the village alone, the streets were rather filled for a village this size. There was a buzz on the street as soon as he entered.

    "Hey did you see that guy?"

    "Yea! He's rather good looking isn't he? But such an odd sense of dressing."

    Nisus started to feel weary while overhearing some comments. “What’s wrong with my clothes?” He thought to himself as he looked down at his sleeveless white shirt, navy blue collared vest and black leather cargos which have been folded up to knee level. “Or could it be my boots?” He thought as he lifted his left feet to look his black leather boots and socks which have been pulled up to the bottom of his calves. The girls who were just then giggled to each other. Embarrassed, Nisus quickly walked away from them.

    "Oh! By the way, did you see that shooting star last night? It was unusually bright."

    "Are you sure that was it? It seemed like it landed close to the village."

    He went around asking the locals about his current location. They were rather friendly to him, but he just didn't know what to ask to find the answers he needed.

    Nisus was walking down a deserted alley when suddenly, his head started to spin again and his vision was blurred. As he tried to pull himself together he saw two women swaggering towards him. He staggered over to a nearby tap and washed his face. His head began to clear as well as his vision. He immediately looked around and strange enough he saw no one.

    "I could have sworn I saw..."

    Just as he said those words, he saw two women turning round the corner into the street he was on. Both of them were very beautiful and well developed. They spotted him and giggled as they started to strut towards him in a very sexy manner.

    "Wait didn't I see this just now?..." Nisus thought to himself.

    "Why aren't you a cutie!" the brunette one commented.

    "You look like you're in need of some services!" the red haired one said as she laughed.

    "H.. Hold on just a minute!" Nisus retaliated as the two women went around him, each grabbing one of his arms.

    The women were surprisingly forceful and towed him off towards a corner house in the next street.


    That night, Nisus woke up on a bed lying on his stomach, he got up bewildered and looked around. There were giggles behind him. He turned around and gasped.

    "What did you two do???" he quickly exclaimed.

    "Oh nothing~!" the brunette said.

    "All we did was felt you. All. Over!" the redhead cheekily said.

    Nisus sat there in shock as he stared at the two. He then frantically got up and went searching for his top which was removed from him as he continued to glance wearily at them from time to time.

    "Alright I think we scared him enough." the brunette said with a giggle "All we did was give you a full body massage."

    "You knocked out the moment we pressed hard on your back. Your reaction was priceless!" the redhead teased.

    The brunette smiled at Nisus' relieved look and the redhead went to retrieve his top. He quickly put his top back on as soon as the redhead threw it at him and he headed straight for the door.

    "Now hold it for a sec…" the brunette said as she confronted him. "You have to pay."

    "We worked you good you know? You were so tensed and now you looked much relaxed! And it's all thanks to us!" the redhead chirped.

    Nisus stared at them once more as he searched his pockets and revealed to the two that they were empty. The two women glared at him as he made the excuse that he was forced into receiving treatment. They both shook their head both in disappointment and regret.

    "If you haven't got a single coin on you then we have no choice. You'll have to work in our bar downstairs until earn enough to pay back." The brunette said exasperatedly.

    "But to be fair, we'll give you a sweet discount! Fifty coins are all you need to pay us back!"

    Nisus pressed his fingers against his head and sighed. He had no other way but to agree and work for them.


    "Hurry up now!"

    "Hang on! Sheesh! I need to make sure I'm prepared!"

    Lisanna, now the chosen one, is preparing to leave on a very long journey.

    "But you don't need all that stuff! Now come on we got a world to cleanse!"

    Lisanna dragged her luggage down the steps, one step at a time, making a loud thud with every landing.

    "Gosh Alicia you're so noisy... And kinda bossy. Can't you just be your normal self when you're around with me? We've known each other for so long!" She rolled her blue eyes at Alicia.

    Alicia folded her arms and sighed. "Well at least it's a miracle that you agreed to go on this journey." she said under her breath.

    "Did you say something?"

    "Oh! No, it's nothing!" Alicia quickly replied to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Alicia looked away as she recalled the events of the day before, remembering the strange turn of events which led her to discover that her own best friend would be the chosen one. Without any reason or clue, she and her best friend will just have to accept their fate as all she could do was a smile as she watched Lisanna continue to drag her things down the stairs.

    She let out a sigh. "As long as all goes well" She put her hands together as if she was praying.

    "Lisanna, are you sure you need to bring all those stuff? And that luggage is so bulky! Come on, use this instead." Lisanna's mother said as she held out a rather sizable backpack. "Just the essentials will do!"

    "But what about my stuffed animals?..." Lisanna reluctantly said as she slowly repacked her things.

    Alicia giggled.

    "Hey! They're important to me!" Lisanna retorted and paused to think. "... Well I wouldn't want to lose them on this trip as well... So I guess I'll take just one with me."

    "Now that's more like it. Come on now, let me help you." her mother said as she stood down and helped Lisanna reorganize her things.

    As they finished, Lisanna's mother showed a look of great concern. “Now look at yourself. Make sure your things are in order, and your dressing.”

    Lisanna quickly looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting her brown and white outer jacket as well as her black inner shirt. She made sure her short white skirt and brown belt was in order as well, pulling up her white knee socks.

    "Don't worry Mrs Lavare. She'll be safe with me for sure. We have the goddess' protection as well." Alicia reassured Lisanna's mother.

    "Alright then... Lisanna, don't forget the most important thing. It's by the door." she said as she pointed to the doorway.

    "Right!" Lisanna said as she carried up her light green backpack and headed to the door, picking up a long silver pole which was leaning by the doorway, putting on her brown shoes with white round tips.

    "Be safe now my baby." Lisanna's mother reluctantly waved. "Call me if you get the chance."

    "I will mum. You take care as well." Lisanna smiled as she stepped out the doorway.

    "See you Mrs Lavare!" Alicia turned back and waved as she walked off.
    Lisanna's mother wiped off her tears as she stood by the doorway, watching her daughter leave on an important journey. Confident of her, yet worried for her at the same time.


    And so the journey of Lisanna and Alicia begins. Alicia began to refresh Lisanna on her role as they left the town.

    "So as I explained to you last night, every hundred years, a person will be chosen to be the 'Pure' one who will pray for the sins of the world. This is done at every Holy Point which is scattered around the world of Immunda and by doing this, the 'Pure' one gathers all the malice which taints the lands in the area and crystallizes them into orbs." Alicia explained on. "These orbs are then offered to the goddess to be accepted at the World Throne located in a secret place which will be revealed once the 'Pure' one has prayed at every Holy Point. And that is the process of cleansing of the world, done every hundred years to prevent the decay of the world… Hey… Are you listening???"

    Lisanna was evidently distracted as she was glancing around. She saw a very sturdy tree and started to climb up.

    "Lisanna! What in the world are you doing???" Alicia quickly exclaimed.

    "This is probably the second time I’ve stepped out of my town! I've always wanted to venture out since the first time I went out when I was young!" she singed out with glee as she looked out into the open from the tree, but then retracted her joy. "Well that was until…"

    "Ah… Erm… Shall we continue Lisanna?" Alicia tried to draw Lisanna's attention as she started to look upset. "You'll be able to see much more when we travel to all the Holy Points! Now come on, let's make a move!"

    "That… Would be great!" Lisanna reverted back to her happier self as she got down the tree.

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    ~Chapter 1 – The Journey Starts Anew (Part 3)~


    "Now as I was saying, the first place we need to visit is the Temple of the Pure. It's not far from here and I was lucky that the chosen one lived near it! Imagine if I had to travel up to the mountains or something." Alicia chattered on.

    "How long will that be?" Lisanna asked inquisitively.

    "Oh not very long, just a few hours journey!" Alicia answered.

    The two of them went along the winding dirt path along the grassy plains until they reached a forest. Alicia got weary as they entered.

    "What's wrong?" Lisanna asked as she sensed a little fear from Alicia.

    "Well this forest is kind of dangerous. I remembered I heard lots of noises when I was following that dove along here but I was too concentrated on my mission, but now…" Alicia stammered as she heard some rustling in the bushes.

    "Don't worry I've got this." Lisanna confidently reassured Alicia as she gripped her pole tightly.

    They both walked along until they reached an intersection. Just then, a pack of three wolves jump out of the bushes and barred their fangs at the two girls. Alicia gasped as she hid behind Lisanna, while Lisanna got into a stance.

    The center wolf which seemed to be the Alpha of the pack pounced towards the girls which Lisanna quickly reacted to by guarding them with her pole and swiftly pushing the wolf back towards the other two, hitting into the road sign behind. The two glanced at their leader being knocked back and glared back at Lisanna. They did the same as their leader and attempted to attack.

    "Lisanna look out!" Alicia shrieked and ran backwards.

    Lisanna heeded to Alicia's warning cry as she dodged the first wolf which aimed for her head and swept her pole across the ground to hit the limbs of the second wolf which aimed for her feet. The second wolf whimpered as it got knocked aside but the first wolf headed straight towards Alicia.

    "Alicia! No!" Lisanna screamed as she saw the wolf leaping towards Alicia.

    "Goddess of Rescue, lend me your strength! Force field!" Alicia chanted a prayer as a magical field formed around her.

    As the force field was cast around Alicia, the wolf which was about to land on her got knocked back as if it ran into a brick wall. With a hard hit on its head the wolf immediately died.

    "Wow Alicia!" Lisanna exclaimed with relief and glee.

    "No time to celebrate now! Behind you!" Alicia stopped Lisanna in her euphoria as she pointed.

    Lisanna instantly turned and stared in shock as the Alpha wolf was charging at her again.

    "Oh no! I need an offensive spell!" Alicia shouted. "Lisanna! Get to your senses!"

    Lisanna quickly leaned forward and held her pole with both hands.

    "I'm good Alicia! Now come at me wolf!" Lisanna confidently challenged the Alpha wolf.

    With a huge leap the Alpha wolf opened its jaw wide open as it aimed at Lisanna. With a grin Lisanna quickly pulled her arms back and thrusted her pole towards the Alpha wolf's mouth. The careless wolf had the pole shoved down its throat and was swung towards the trees by the side, landing with a loud thud. It then laid there motionless.

    The last wolf which remained alive whimpered as it saw its pack being brutally beaten and fled.

    "Lisanna! Are you alright??? I didn't know you had it in you!" Alicia ran towards Lisanna after letting down her force field.

    "I'm alright. Just a scratch…" Lisanna said as she rubbed her right arm which was wounded by the Alpha wolf’s fangs.

    "Oh Goddess of Rescue lend me your healing hands." Alicia chanted out once more as she glided her hand across Lisanna’s right arm.

    Lisanna looked in amazement as the wounds on her hands disappeared.

    "As a priestess the gods and goddesses lend me their strength sometimes when in need to aid me in my missions, though now I'm only able to call out to the Goddess of Rescue who is able to protect as well as to heal." Alicia explained. "I hope that I'll be able to please the other gods and goddesses so that I'll be able to be of more use in times of danger like this."

    "You’re already more than enough of help to me now" Lisanna comforted Alicia. "But if you’re determined to do so then you should work hard at it!"

    "Yeah I will! I'm just a little jealous that you're able to fend for yourself so well without any divine help."

    "I was quite rough when I was young, sometimes I hung out with the boys and I protected girls from being bullied." Lisanna recalled her past.


    A little girl in a white robe with her hood pulled back stood outside the church sweeping the street. She let out a sigh in boredom. Just then a group of boys were walking by and stood around her.

    "Hey look it's the priestess girl. What's up?" One of them bent over and gave a cheeky grin.

    "E… Excuse me?" Alicia backed off a little.

    "Come on. We're just trying to be friendly." Another one reached out and grabbed her left arm.

    Alicia struggled to free her arm from the boys grip.

    "Hey that's a nice little pendent there." The tallest boy said as he held the Cross shaped pendant hung around her neck. "I'm sure you don't mind if I had it right? Your church must have a lot of these." He said as he tugged the pendant and pulled it off Alicia's head as her arm was still held in place by the other boy.

    "No! That one is special!" Alicia struggled more.

    "Hey! What are you boys doing?!" A girl's voice came from afar.

    "Run!" The boy with the pendant exclaimed as he took off first, leading the rest behind.

    Just then a girl with hair shining like the golden sun came running by. She looked at Alicia for a while and quickly grabbed the broom in her hand. "I'll be back!" She said as she chased after the boys.

    A few shouts and whimpers could be heard a while later from where Alicia stood and soon the blonde girl came running back, handing over the broom and pendant to Alicia.

    "T… Thank you." Alicia slowly reached for her possessions and claimed them back.

    "If they ever cause you trouble again, just call for me." She said with a wink. "You're Alicia right? The name's Lisanna, I live just a few houses down from here."

    "How did you know? And I don't believe I saw you before. Then again I'm not really observant." Alicia said sheepishly.

    "I've been to the church a couple of times and I heard about you from my parents." Lisanna said with a smile. "Anyway, would you happen to be free tonight? Care to join us for dinner? I heard your parents are away."

    "Umm… But why?" Alicia was curious at the sudden invitation.

    "Why not? We’re friends now aren't we?" Lisanna grinned. "And I'll take that as a yes." She said as she walked away while leaving Alicia behind confused but happy.


    "Yes, I remembered that, and I thank you for those times."

    "Oh no need! Those times were long gone! And it wasn't you all the time… Since you had a different family lifestyle… No school for you, such a lucky person you are."

    "Hey! Being in a lineage of Priests and Priestesses isn't as easy as it looks!" Alicia rebuked Lisanna for her misconception. "And enough about that! We have to continue on!"

    The two gathered their battle spoils of pelts and fangs. They then headed towards the road intersection only to discover that the road sign was broken due to the fight before.

    "Oh now what…" Lisanna sighed.

    "I think I got this! If I’m not wrong we have to go to the left… Yes! Left!" Alicia firmly said.

    "Have you been to the temple before…?"

    "This would be the second time actually… I was unexpectedly chosen to be the Priestess who will guide the 'Pure' one on the journey so I'm not as knowledgeable and I don't have as much training when compared to my sister…" Alicia slowly came to a pause.

    "Well, don't you have a map or anything? We have got Holy Points to go to right?"

    "Oh! Erm… Right!" Alicia came to a realization and took out a map with many squiggles on it. "Well let's see… Yes it should be left."

    "You sure?" Lisanna was a little doubtful with Alicia's tone of unfamiliarity, and took a look "Hmm… Guess you're about right then. Oh wait, are those markings Holy Points?"

    "Yes indeed, but not all of them unfortunately… Plus they aren't in order. We have to follow the Guidance of the Gods and Goddesses." Alicia replied with slight reservation.

    "So we're on our own in finding out which Holy Points we go to next?" Lisanna started to become more worried for the journey ahead.

    "Yes, that has always been the way for the past centuries. Don't worry! Everything that happens we believe is the will of the Gods, especially the God of Fate." Alicia replied. "Have faith Lisanna!"

    "If you say so then!" Lisanna said after being reassured.

    The two then smiled and nodded at each other as they headed on their way.


    "Everything happens for a reason. They all point towards the same end."

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    I'm calling this now:

    -Lisanna and Nisus know each other from before but that wonderful plot device known as amnesia is the culprit!
    -Something reeks of this so call "cleansing" of the world!
    -You can't have a party with at least 4 party members so there could be one more character yet to be introduced?

    Did I get any of those right? : D If possible you can just PM it so it won't be spoiled for the other readers.
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    Put the whole thing under a spoiler tag so it won't take so much scrolling down to the bottom of the thread and so you won't spoil the story

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    @Terran, PMed you.
    @Blaze, alright done it
    Chapter 2 out tomorrow (Or soon if time permits)

    ---------- Post added at 11:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:06 PM ----------

    ~Chapter 2 - Strange Familiarity (Part 1)~

    Lisanna the chosen "Pure" one and Alicia the guiding priestess were on their way to the Temple of the Pure, their first Holy Point destination, where Lisanna will initiate her duty. The sun was about to set as they were surrounded by a warm orange glow.

    "This is taking an awfully long time for some reason..." Alicia came to a realization.

    "... You think?" Lisanna grumpily said.

    "Think we should turn back and head the other way?" Alicia sheepishly suggested.

    "It's getting kind of late... We should probably find a place to rest. I remember there was supposed to be a village nearby too because that's where our town imports our vegetables from, the Village of Parvus I believe. We should move on and head there instead." Lisanna pointed out.

    "Yes I think it's not far from where we are now. Alright, we'll head there to get some rest then." Alicia concurred.

    "And we'll sell this pelts and fangs we collected for coins so that we can pay for food and a room!" Lisanna said as she held out her bag of battle spoils.

    "You should wash that after we do that... It's a little stinky..." Alicia covered her nose.

    The two managed to reach the village just as the sun was about to disappear into the horizon. The village streets were already quite deserted as the villagers have gone home after their daily work. They started to look for an inn and decided to try the nearest building that they saw which was brightly lit inside.

    "Hello~?" Lisanna called out as she swung the door open, causing a tiny bell to tinkle.


    Nisus looked as the pair of girls entered as he was tending the bar. Just then his mind started to feel dizzy again as he held his hand to his head.

    He saw something familiar, a huge circular clearing in the middle of an oddly colored woods. The blonde girl standing before him, her shiny golden hair flowing in the breeze. She turns around and smiles, her face now clearer than before. Another girl appeared behind, she was dressed in a white robe, her face hidden by her hood though her tiny smile could be seen.

    "She looks just like..." Nisus mumbled.

    "HELLO~?" the blonde girl shouted louder.

    "Quiet down a bit, he doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Hey... Are you okay?" the girl in white robes asked Nisus.

    Nisus groaned as his mind started to clear. He stumbled his way to the nearby sink and washed his face. Finally he was back to normal and quickly turned to apologize to the two girls, but just as he took a better look at them...

    "Lisanna! Alicia!" Nisus suddenly exclaimed.

    The two girls were suddenly stunned and stared at him.


    "Wait wait wait... WHAT???" Lisanna responded in surprise.

    "Have we... met?" Alicia curiously replied.

    The two girls have never seen that boy in their whole life and were sure of it since it was the second time the both of them ever left their town. They started to feel weary.

    "You know what, I think we'll try another building...Let's go Alicia" Lisanna said as she began to head for the door.

    "If you say so..." Alicia followed Lisanna.

    "H... Hold on!" the boy quickly stopped the two. "I'm sorry I... To be honest I don't really know the two of you."

    "Then how did you know our names?..." Alicia stopped as she looked curiously at the boy once more.

    "Erm... A dream!... Yes! A dream! I tend to have these dreams of meeting many people, maybe I met you two in one of those dreams" the boy tried to explain himself.

    "Really?" Lisanna now staring intently at him in fascination. "That's... Kinda cool!"

    "Do you have godly powers or something? Are you a priest? I heard some priests have such experiences of seeing the future before." Alicia started to interrogate.


    The two girls suddenly took an interest into what Nisus just said. Although Nisus himself know that what he said wasn't really the truth, the names of the girls suddenly blurted out of his mouth for no reason. It was as if they met before somewhere, especially the blonde one now he identified as Lisanna, a strange feeling of familiarity filled his mind.

    "I'm sorry but I'm not very good with words..." Nisus tried to excuse himself from explaining. "Anything you girls would like to drink? Though it's odd that girls like you would come here..."

    "Okay you don't have to answer all our questions, but we just wanna know one thing!" the girl in robes who was apparently Alicia said as she pointed at him.

    "Yes, to be fair, we want to know your name as well!" the blonde girl, Lisanna said as she folded her arms.

    "Okay sure, I have no problems with that. My name is Nisus, nice to meet you two." he smiled and extended his arm out as a friendly gesture.

    "Nice to meet you Nisus, as you already know I'm Alicia and this is Lisanna" Alicia happily chirped as she shook his hand.

    "Hello there!" Lisanna said "I..."

    "My my my aren't you a player Nisus! Second night on the job and already hitting on more girls." Lisanna was interrupted by a voice which came from upstairs.

    Footsteps could be heard coming from the stairs.

    "Oh boy..." Nisus sighed.

    The two ladies appeared at the stairway entrance, they were the ones who brought Nisus in and gave him a massage without his consent, unable to pay, Nisus had to work in their bar and front counter until he could pay his debt of fifty coins. They glanced over at Lisanna and Alicia as they walked over to Nisus.


    A sense of unwelcome was felt by the two girls as the two tall and well developed ladies swarmed around Nisus and glared at them.

    "Tsk tsk tsk! You know they're not supposed to be here right Nisus?" the red haired one said as she put her hands over Nisus' shoulder and started to massage them. "You naughty boy!"

    "Hmph! You two, what do you want?" the brunette folded her arms and asked them with slightly cold tone.

    "We... Just..." Alicia was a little scared to speak.

    "Hey! No need to be so unfriendly! We just want to find a place to spend for the night that's all. We saw this place and decided to try our luck." Lisanna explained herself while confronting the two ladies.

    "Then you have come to the wrong place, little girls" the brunette replied in a slightly more scornful tone.

    "Brigitta! Don't be so harsh on them! They didn't know better!" Nisus tried to defend the two of them.

    "Aww! That's so sweet of you!" the red haired said as she pressed on Nisus' shoulders harder.

    "Gah! Louisa! Cut it out!" Nisus exclaimed quickly tried to free himself from Louisa's firm grip.

    "Well fine... But just to let you girls know, this is a place for grown men and not little girls like you, so it'd be best if you two leave this place." Brigitta informed the girls, this time in a less unfriendly tone.

    "Inn's four buildings down to the right!" Louisa told them cheerily.

    Lisanna and Alicia immediately felt uneasy as they realize the kind of place they have just stumbled upon. They took heed to what Brigitta said and thanked the three for their help as they quickly excused themselves out and headed towards the inn.

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    ~Chapter 2 - Strange Familiarity (Part 2)~

    Finally finding a place to stay, the two girls began to enjoy their night of rest as night began to fall.

    "Ahhhh... That bath was amazing! " Lisanna said as she stepped out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around her head and body.

    "This is a very cozy room! And it was nice of the innkeeper to let us stay while we try and get our pelts sold at the market tomorrow morning" Alicia said as she readied herself to take her bath.

    "Well it's your turn~! And you'll love it!" Lisanna said as she skipped out of the bathroom.

    "Don't mind if I do!" Alicia said as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

    Lisanna began to dry herself as she looked out the window at the starry sky. Just a night ago she was sleeping in her own comfortable bed and now she is out on a journey that she never dreamed that she would set out to do. She pondered at the fact that the world is now depending on her to save it once more. Was it a burden? Or a blessing? She wondered to herself.

    Just then she heard some loud rustling of leaves. Curious, she went out to the balcony to see what had happened. To her shock she saw someone climbing up towards her balcony. Quickly she tightened the towel wrapped around her body and grabbed her pole. Holding it tight as she stood behind the balcony entrance into the room.

    She heard a step. The person must have already gotten to the balcony. She raised up her pole, ready to strike.

    "She should be in here..." an oddly familiar voice approached as the person stepped into the room.

    "HYAAAH!" Lisanna shouted as she swung her pole at the person.

    "Whoa!" it was Nisus voice, Lisanna could recognize it this time.

    As Lisanna swung her pole at Nisus, he quickly did a dodge roll away from her swing.

    "You!..." Lisanna exclaimed as she planted her pole vertically onto the floor and pointed at Nisus.

    Nisus froze in fear as he saw a stern face glaring back at him. He quickly gathered his thoughts in preparation for whatever she was going to ask.

    "How did you do that?!" Lisanna asked, this time with an awed expression on her face.

    "Eh?..." Nisus replied with a puzzled look on his face.

    "You dodged my attack! Clearly I was gonna hit you without you realizing!" Lisanna continued with her awed look.

    "Erm... Intuition?" Nisus answered, still bewildered.

    "Interesting. But anyway, more importantly, what are you doing here and how did you know I was here?" Lisanna reverted back to her stern expression almost immediately.

    "Ah yes... Well... I wanted to talk to you more. You seem to be someone important to me somehow. And I saw your friend Alicia sitting at the balcony just now so I knew you were here." Nisus explained himself while being surprised at the series of reactions she had just now.

    "Well I think it's pretty clear that we haven't met each other... At all." Lisanna firmly said as she put down her pole.

    Nisus sighed as he nodded in agreement; he wanted to say more but the words could not reach his mouth.

    Lisanna wanted him to leave, but she felt bad and decided to chat with him a bit.

    "So... You're working in that kind of place?... " She shiftily said as she tried to strike a conversation.

    "Oh please don’t misinterpret this!" Nisus tried to explain his situation. "You see I owe those two ladies some money. I was dragged in there and they... Well..."

    Lisanna was looking at him in disgust now.

    "Oh no no! Nothing like that happened! They just... Gave me a massage that's all... But it was without my consent." Nisus further elaborated in order to prevent more misunderstanding. "So I have to work for them now till I pay my debt of fifty coins."

    "Well that's just unfair! They forced you into it and now you are suffering!" Lisanna sat up as she commented.

    "I'm not exactly suffering, they still treat me well, and I'll probably be let off in a month or two..." Nisus replied as he tried to make his situation sound less terrible.

    "No, I can see that you are not happy." Lisanna denied Nisus' words.

    Just as Lisanna said her piece, the bathroom door opened.

    "Ahhhh... I see what you mean Lisanna, that bath was heavenly." Alicia said as she stepped out of the bathroom.

    "Alicia!" Lisanna quickly reacted as she stood up and turned towards the bathroom.

    The fact that a towel was wrapped around her slipped Lisanna's mind as it began to slip off. Nisus caught unprepared quickly stood up and headed for the balcony.

    "Get out!" Lisanna screamed in horror as she held her towel up with her left hand and reached for her pole with her right.

    With a swing of her pole, she hit Nisus in the rear as he scrambled out the balcony. With a loud gasps in pain, Nisus quickly made his way down to the streets and fled back to his workplace.

    "What was that all about?" Alicia asked with bewilderment, evidently not realizing what had happened a moment ago.

    "It's nothing" Lisanna sighed as she put down her pole and wrapped her towel back.

    With a shrug Alicia plopped herself onto the couch, thoroughly enjoying the moment. Lisanna walked to the balcony and looked out, but Nisus was no longer there. She stood there a while thinking of what just happened and let out a little smile to herself.


    "Wake up sleepy head! It's time to go!" Alicia's high pitched voice rung in Lisanna's ears.

    Lisanna sat up with a tired and annoyed look on her face. She looked out the window and saw that the sun was just rising; the sky had a soft luminescent orange glow. She then glared at Alicia coldly. It was as if she shot an icicle at Alicia which caused her to be taken aback.

    "I'll... Leave you a while more then..." Alicia quietly said as she crept out the door.

    Closing the room door behind her, Alicia let out a sigh.

    "Might as well take this time to sell off the pelts and fangs" Alicia said to herself as she scampered down the stairs with Lisanna's bagful of battle spoils.

    The village streets were already beginning to bustle as the village folks started out their trading trips early. Carts carrying all sorts of vegetables and other agricultural products were being pulled to and fro by horses and mules with old men sitting on top. Alicia stood a while to look at this unfamiliar sight to her. There were indeed a lot of things in the world she hasn't seen.

    "Hey there! Need some help?" a familiar voice called out.

    Alicia turned her head towards the direction where the voice came from. It was Nisus.

    "You look lost." Nisus said with concern.

    "Oh no, it's just that I have never seen such a busy sight before." Alicia replied sheepishly.

    "Same here actually, this is my second time." Nisus admitted.

    "You mean you were not from around here?" Alicia grew even more curious of Nisus.

    "It's... Complicated..." Nisus tried to divert away the subject as he knew he would not be able to answer many questions that would follow. "So... You need any help?"

    Alicia was slightly disappointed at the quick diversion of the subject, but she politely replied Nisus. "Oh no, I just want to sell off some of these things." She opened the bag she held and showed Nisus.

    "The Marketplace is just round the corner. Actually I'm heading there as well. Come on, follow me." Nisus replied in a friendly manner and smiled at her, walking towards the marketplace.

    For a second there, Alicia got all flustered at the sight of Nisus' smile. But she shook her head and quickly tailed after him as he walked ahead.

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    ~Chapter 2 - Strange Familiarity (Part 3)~

    The sun was now shining brightly in the morning sky. The bright rays of the sun awoke Lisanna from her sleep. She sat up and stretched herself with satisfaction. She never thought that she would have slept so even while being away from home.

    Not long after she got herself washed up and changed, Alicia returned from her ventures on the village streets.

    "Guess what? We made quite a hefty sum from all those spoils!" Alicia proudly said as she shook her bag of coins. "And this is after I paid the innkeeper!"

    "Wow! That's fantastic!" Lisanna exclaimed with glee.

    "Come on down, there's a nice breakfast that the innkeeper prepared for us!" Alicia gestured at Lisanna to follow her downstairs.

    The two girls enjoyed the excellent service and food that the innkeeper provided them. Satisfied with the amount of rest they had, they were ready to head on out and continue their journey.

    "All set and ready to go!" Alicia cheered as she headed out the inn.

    "Yea... I guess." Lisanna hesitantly said.

    "Is something the matter Lisanna?" Alicia noticed Lisanna's tone and was inquisitive.

    "Well... Maybe... There's one more thing we should do." Lisanna started to contemplate.

    "Oh, I know what it is." Alicia had the same sentiment as Lisanna.


    "Ahhh... That was great! Nothing like a good one in the morning!" a man said with much relief as he walked out the door. "My compliments to you ladies, wonderful massage!"

    "It was nothing at all!" Louisa giggled.

    "See you soon." Brigitta bid him goodbye with a smirk.

    They watched as the man strut out the door.

    "Man he was annoying." Brigitta said just as he left.

    "Pfft! Yea! Such a noise maker!" Louisa agreed.

    "I prefer the more reserved type." Brigitta said as she sashayed over to Nisus. "Like you." She said seductively.

    "Forget it. There's no way I'm going to let you two do that to me again." Nisus sternly replied.

    "Aww! Why not???" Louisa whined as she climbed onto the counter. "I know it's those two that you like right~?"

    The two ladies started to close in on Nisus which made him feel extremely awkward.

    "You know we are much better than them." Brigitta whispered into his left ear.

    "Much... Much better!" Louisa whispered into his right.

    Just then the entrance door swung open.

    "We have come to save the maiden!" a girls voice burst out.

    Nisus looked up at the door. It was Lisanna and Alicia!

    Lisanna and Alicia suddenly stopped and stared at the scene before them. Brigitta had her arms wrapped around Nisus neck while her right hand was reaching into his top and Louisa was hugging Nisus head tightly.

    "You know what... Let's go Alicia..." Lisanna stuttered in astonishment.

    "If... You say so..." Alicia was too flabbergasted to do anything but turn around slowly.

    "NO!!! WAIT!!!" Nisus cried out.

    He tried to shake free from the clutches of the ladies, but they were holding on to him too tightly.

    "Go on little girls run along." Brigitta scoffed at the two.

    "Yea! He's OURS!" Louisa sneered at them.

    "Who would want two little underdeveloped girls anyway?" Brigitta further insulted them.

    "YEA! And immature to boot!" Louisa continued to add oil to the fire.

    Lisanna trembled as she turned back towards the three in rage. Her eyes were as if they were burning in rage. She held up her pole and took a stance.

    "So that's the way you two want it." Lisanna scowled as she narrowed her eyes.

    With a loud battle cry, Lisanna charged towards the counter leaving Alicia behind in shock. Their eyes widened as they saw the pole swinging towards them. Louisa quickly jumped off the counter and squatted with her hands on her head while Brigitta quickly hid behind Nisus using him as a shield.

    "Not again!" Nisus exclaimed.

    He quickly lifted up his hands to block his face as the pole swung and hit his arms.

    "How dare you!" Lisanna shrieked at Brigitta as she jumped onto the counter, using Louisa as a platform to get up.

    "OWW!" Louisa reacted in pain. And quickly stood up.

    "I'm sorry! I don't know what's gotten into her!" Alicia quickly tried to mediate the situation. "Lisanna calm down!"

    "Well make her stop!" Louisa cried out as she ran to the corner.

    Lisanna glared at Brigitta with much flare in her eyes. Nisus quickly struggled as he tried to free himself from being Brigitta's shield. He managed to succeed and ran over to Alicia.

    "No... No please! Not the face!" Brigitta cowered in fear as she backed off.

    "Pfft! Disgusting." Lisanna scoffed back at Brigitta, as she jumped off the counter and headed towards Alicia and Nisus.

    But something didn't feel right for Nisus. The way Brigitta acted was odd. He started to have another dizzy spell again, this time he saw a ball of fire hurling towards Lisanna which hit her to the ground.

    With a gasp, Nisus' headache subsided faster than before as he looked up to see Lisanna walking towards Alicia and him.

    "Something the matter?" Alicia noticed Nisus in the momentary pain.

    Just as Nisus was about to reply he saw Brigitta from behind the counter, waving her hands furiously.

    "LISANNA WATCH OUT!" Nisus suddenly shouted.

    "IGNIS!" Brigitta screamed as a flaming ball was conjured in her hands and she hurled it at Lisanna.

    "Goddess of Rescue!..." Alicia quickly tried to protect Lisanna.

    "Another spell might be too long!" Nisus hurriedly interrupted as he ran towards Lisanna and dived at her.

    The fireball missed Lisanna as she was pushed down by Nisus and it headed straight for Alicia.

    "Force Field!" Alicia shrilled as she redirected the spell to herself.

    The ball of fire dissipated as it hit the forcefield. Nisus looked up to see Brigitta grinning at them while Louisa skipped towards her.

    "Aww! The surprise ambush failed!" Louisa pouted as she stood next to Brigitta.

    "No matter." Brigitta confidently said with a chuckle. "They will go down eventually."

    "Ooo! So confident! But of course! No one has defeated the Witch Sisters of Parvus!" Louisa said with a cheery yet threatening tone as she extended her arms to the front and waved them up and down.

    "This is bad!" Alicia panicked.

    "You tell me!" Lisanna shared the same sentiment.

    "VENTUS!" Louisa shrilled.

    "IGNIS!" Brigitta followed after.

    The two witch sisters cast their spells together as they combined into a whirl of fire spinning towards the three.

    "Run into my Force Field! Quick!" Alicia called out to Lisanna and Nisus.

    Nisus reacted immediately and carried Lisanna behind Alicia. The whirl of fire collided into the Force Field and was directed away from them as if it was enveloping them but not touching. They could feel a rush of heat as the fire passed over their heads.

    "What now?" Lisanna was about to give up.

    "I think we need to separate them. Will you help me?" Nisus took a wild guess.

    "Alright, Alicia we need protection." Lisanna agreed to help though a little doubtful.

    "I'll try my best." Alicia tried to sound confident.

    In an instant, Lisanna and Nisus nodded at each other as they dashed towards the counter. Nisus grabbed a glass bottle and threw it straight at the Witches. Louisa quickly reacted by casting another wind spell which flipped the bottle away from them but that was just a distraction. Nisus jumped from the counter and kick Louisa away from Brigitta. Brigitta on the other hand was on the offensive and shot fireballs at Lisanna. The speed of her casting compromised the power of her spells which boded well for Lisanna as she could hit the fireballs back at Brigitta to her surprise.

    The pair got in between the witches.

    "How dare you use my fire against me?!" Brigitta accused Lisanna as she dusted blew out the last flame on her dress. "That's it! You two are trapped!"

    "Nisus you meanie! How could you hit me?!" Louisa was mad for the first time. "I guess this is goodbye! Forever!

    "IGNIS!" "VENTUS!" the two witches screamed simultaneously.

    "Goddess of Rescue! Protect them!" Alicia called out once more as she conjured another Force Field.

    The two spells the witches cast were stronger than before. They collided in the center where Lisanna and Nisus were. The Force Field however protected the two of them. But the spells created a huge fire which burst out; the witches' spells backfired at them as they were hit by the huge explosion.

    The three on the other hand were unscathed. They got up and adjusted themselves, all relived at the turn of events.

    There was a short moment of silence just before Lisanna broke it.

    "What are you two waiting for?" Lisanna said with a stern look on her face. "Alicia, the money."

    "I... Is that necessary?" Alicia asked in astonishment.

    "A debt is a debt. Even if they are witches. Give them a little extra for the damages" Lisanna hastily replied.

    Alicia nodded as she scrambled for her coin pouch.

    "And you!" Lisanna said with an authoritative tone and pointed at Nisus.

    Nisus gasped and looked at her intently waiting for his order.

    "Pack your things." Lisanna's order was out.

    Lisanna then marched out with a satisfied look on her face Alicia quickly placed the money on the counter, as Nisus rushed to take whatever he had with him from the counter. They then quickly followed Lisanna out the door.

    And so with an interesting series of events, a new member has been recruited to join Lisanna and Alicia on their journey to cleanse the world. They left the Village of Parvus and headed straight for the Temple of the Pure. This time they made no mistake.

    "The pure earn their rights."
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    Interesting new posting format.

    At the typical almost seeing the girls naked hijink. And is poor Nisus already whipped?

    And I hope there won't be a cheesy love triangle....

    Oh and I forgot to comment: I didn't know men could be maidens.
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