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The Runestone Library - Aegis's Stories

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Thread: The Runestone Library - Aegis's Stories

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    Default The Runestone Library - Aegis's Stories

    "Innumerable shelves of books are laid before you as enter this building--which carries the legacy of the Runestone Family: the family's tales, art, and stories. There is a place for dusty tomes, filled with ancient lore. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like, or as little as you like. The door is always open to visitors."

    [Fan Stories]
    [Guild Wars 2] - The Shadows of Rata Sum (FF.net Link)
    [Guild Wars 2 - Short Story] - A Merry Wintersday For Vini (Contains minor spoilers for Shadows of Rata Sum)
    [Zelda] The Legend of Zelda - A Storm of Wind and Time (Completed on 6/19/2016!)
    [Final Fantasy IV] - Rydia: Heart and Heartache (being revised) (You can see the revisions for Chapters 3-5 so far here. Revisions for Chapters 1-2 are on FF.net)
    [Muramasa Rebirth] - Oboro Muramasa: A Shattered Past (Complete)

    Enjoy, guys. I appreciate POSITIVE FEEDBACK (what I did right, how I can improve - in a polite way), it helps me write better.

    My Zelda Story was finished two months ago (as of this edit). It's a Prologue, Epilogue and 42 Chapters long. I would love feedback on it. I plan on doing some minor revisions since I want the story to show how my writing improved over the years, but I'm planning to remove contradictions and some unnecessary descriptions.
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