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Easy way to get artifacts?

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Thread: Easy way to get artifacts?

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    Default Easy way to get artifacts?

    Artifacts always mystified me, when I use them in my build, seeing the hammer symbol always makes me feel satisfied... Sadly it takes me a while to get the artifacts and I can't get good drop rate items, (Like the dangerously lucky accessory) can you guys tell me a quick and easy way to get artifacts? (And I cannot get 20 pink tails to get a ribbon for Dangerously Lucky, and I can't get Dangerously Lucky easily and the break rate makes it useless to me.)

    Edit: I almost forgot, I also use my created friend cards. So you don't need to tell me what character to use for a farming puppet.
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    I forget which, but some of them are genuinely broken, so even maxing out the chance won't make the accessories drop.

    Otherwise the best way is probably either doing dungeons in 000 story mode or friend cards. There's a whole bunch here.

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