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Need help with Basic abilities

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Thread: Need help with Basic abilities

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    Default Need help with Basic abilities

    Can anyone point me to any guides that cover choosing Basic abilities? I still don't know what criteria to consider when choosing these kinds of powers. Are some matchup dependent? Build dependent? Stage dependent? I know for someone like Kain, Assist Gauge Up Dash is practically mandatory. And getting as many crit powers into your build is usually worthwhile for most toons. I know Gabranth usually wants EX-related stuff. But I still feel like I'm missing something important. Help!

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    1. evasion abilities is a must
    2. put jump times boost for zidane and golbez. Golbez's jump can dodge attacks, press x repeatedly to jump and dodge enemy and you can get an easy counter.
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    Here's what i enabled for ALL Characters. (I think it fit for all characters, that's why they all have theses.)

    Actions : Ground Evasion / Midair Evasion / Ground Block / Midair Block / Aerial Recovery / Recovery attack / Controlled Recovery / Wall Jump / Free air dash / Ground Dash / Free Air dash boost / Assist gauge up dash / Ground evasion boost / Midair evasion boost / evasion boost / descent speed boost

    Support : Always target indicator / Ex core lock on / Auto assist lock on / Auto Ex defense Omega

    Extra : Precision Evasion / Counterattack / Sneak attack / Back to the wall / Gambler's spirit / EXP to HP.

    Hope it'll help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaikaMan View Post
    Are some matchup dependent? Build dependent? Stage dependent?
    Some are matchup dependant, like the aforementioned Precision Evasion. Mainly against casters (+ Sephiroth) whom against you won't have to worry about getting dodge-punished for free. Much like Mateus, I too prefer to have it as a staple in my builds just to avoid dodge-punish situations I could not escape otherwise. Even against melee characters you might dodge say, Tifa's Rolling Blaze on the ground as soon as it begins and then she goes for the feint and screws you over. For anyone who cannot instantly cover their ground dodge against a high-priority move that's potentially a bad ending and no-one likes bad endings.

    Speed Boost can help fast-runners to (outrageously) outrun a handful of things like Squall's entire arsenal, Firion's Straightarrow or Feral Chaos' Via Dolorosa. Or just play more competent footsies (Jecht). Omni Ground Dash is something you may want to consider if your character cannot move fast enough to cover more ground (e.g. Garland) or prevent committing to evading aforementioned moves.

    Precision Jump should be always on outside stages with low ceiling like Prima Vista. Or if you're Garland or Exdeath no need to equip it at all. Garland's Precision Jump isn't much to write home about (and the timing is very ambigious) and Exdeath can dodge-cancel his HP moves infinitely for adequate mobility. Wall Jump should be on though regardless, it's a free ability and provides a Precision Jump with a much more consistent timing. It IS both match-up and stage-dependant in a way (whether or not you are going to have reliable access to walls), but there is little to no harm in equipping it nevertheless.

    Assist Gauge Up Dash should be a staple. It works with (Reverse) Ground Dash too so if you are below your opponent you could get a bit of meter at no risk while pretending you're trying to do a sick cross-under attack. It's really nice!

    On a side note, EXP to Assist is nice on HP linkers if you can confirm wall rushes off of such links. With EX / high-base bravery Jecht it often provides him just enough for a single bar of assist and after that it's happy city when Jecht goes to town with his great assist synergy. EXP to Bravery is alright if you cannot avoid pressure consistently after landing a huge amount of HP damage. EXP to EX Force... eh, it tries to be something.

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