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Thread: Music, Stage, and Character Mods to be used in WLAN?

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    Default Music, Stage, and Character Mods to be used in WLAN?

    Hello everyone!!!

    I have some questions. I do hope they are not stupid or unreasonable.

    I would like to mod my Dissidia, but I am with a group I play with regularly via WLAN over the internet utilizing Hamachi. I do not know how to implement or even where I would find certain mods. Additionally, what I have in mind is rather specific.

    I would like to change the music. I want to change the menu songs, and almost every 8-Bit Song to something different, although I do plan on keeping at least some of the original DDFF music.

    I would also like several character appearance mods that are pretty minor I think, and I don't necessarily know if these will break the online play, and I don't know if these exist or if I would have to enlist the help of modders or create these myself, despite never having modded anything in my entire life. Such mods are as follows:

    A texture Mod to make Zidane's Alt 2 Mage Mashers to be Silver instead of that hideous orange color. I know this is possible without breaking the online play. From what I understand, texture mods don't affect anything. I just don't know if this exists, though it seems like an obvious one.

    A mod for Cecil to make him hold his Dark Sword and Excalibur at all times instead of his dumb Pike thingy. This one is possible, and also seems obvious. I know there is a Bartz Mod to make him appear as though he is in EX Mode at all times, but I don't know if this is the case for Cecil. Furthermore of all the mods listed here, this is the one I would imagine would most easily break the WLAN play, as even though it is only one piece of the model, it does change part of the model.

    A mod for Order's Sanctuary that turns it into a grassy plain with a blue sky, similar to the FF1 Stage of Dissidia: Arcade. Not only do I not know if this exists, but I'm not sure it CAN exist...? It would have to make the water invisible and inaudible on my screen, but other than that it seems like a possibility? Alternatively I am pretty sure that a while back I saw something similar to this but for Lunar Subterrane instead.

    If I can't have the above mods I would like to be able to be pointed to where on the forums I could browse mods similar to these so I can pick and choose the ones I'd like to use. For the record, I do have a Sora Mod working for Onion Knight, as well as two different costumes for Roxas for him as well. I can safely say that even though I've implemented these successfully I do not know how I managed it, as I simply dragged some files around and renamed a few until, inexplicably, I had a new DLC costume.
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