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Skins replacing other skins existence.

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Thread: Skins replacing other skins existence.

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    Default Skins replacing other skins existence.

    So recently got into the modding scene, have a handful of skins. But after about the 15th or so one, I began to notice some 'incompatibilities.'

    Like for example, A roxas cloud skin is causing my Squall Aqua skin to vanish. Or Master Eraquis skin causing Weiss for Terra to vanish. Basically skins unrelated to a character sometimes vanish when I install different skins, rarely when I install without overwriting but most often when a skin overwrites a usual single file all of them seem to use.

    Is there any way around this without getting super technical?

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    Some DLCs can't share the same game or stuff like this happens. To prevent this from happening (and to make sure the DLCs you want are all in the game at the same time), rename the .edat files for a DLC.

    Click this link and follow the instructions there. When you're done, click the spoiler for "Custom DLC Packs".
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